Add Character With a Wood Accent Wall

A living room with a wood accent wall, a couch, and a coffee table.

A wood accent wall is an interior element that makes a large impact in any room.  It is a great way to incorporate style, texture and interest.  Wood also adds warmth to a space and creates dimension.  If you want walls that make a statement and will take the ordinary to a new level, installing a wood accent is one great way to achieve this.

A living room with a wood accent wall and yellow accents.
Light wood accents this room with warmth and added interest (

There are many styles, textures, colors and varieties of wood that can be used for wall accents.  Wood accent walls can be added to any room in the home.  For a wall that is a sure show-stopper, you can create various textures and patterns.  You don’t even have to use real wood, as there are now papers and peel-and-stick options.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Reclaimed wood is an excellent way to add character to a room.  What exactly is reclaimed wood?  It is wood that has been used and recycled from structures such as decks, barns, factories and warehouses.  It has been exposed to the elements, giving it character and wear that is a sought-after feature in some homes.

A dining room with a wood accent wall.
A weathered wood accent wall gives this dining room natural appeal (

When used within an open concept space, a wood accent wall further defines a space.

A modern dining room with wood accent wall.
A wood panel in this dining area niche gives this room a boost (

Reclaimed wood can add a rustic touch to a room.  The dining room is a great place to employ this aesthetic to create a space that is inviting and warm.

A dining room with a wood accent wall.
Re-claimed wood accents this dining room wall (

Use reclaimed wood to highlight wall shelving.  The wood can draw attention to a collection displayed on the shelves or provide a nice backdrop for books.

A modern home office with wood accent wall and a zebra rug.
Home office with wood accent wall (

Wood accents have optimum appeal on the bed wall of the bedroom.

A modern bedroom with wood accent wall and a bed.
A wood wall behind the bed is a dramatic accent (Pinterest)
A bedroom with a wood accent wall and a black bed.
The wood wall accents the colors of this bedroom (

Deciding Where to Add a Wood Accent Wall

If you’re wondering where in your home is the best place to add a wood accent wall, consider everywhere!

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Give your entry hall a wow factor with a wall of reclaimed wood.  This is where you make your first impression to those entering your home.  Make a statement with the beauty and character of wood.

A hallway with a wood accent wall and stairway.
A hallway is a great place for a wall treatment (

Wood can be a standout in the bedroom as an extension of the headboard.

A bedroom with wood accent walls and a bed.
A wood accent wall adds interest and depth to this bedroom (

Make a den or family room cozy and warm with the addition of a wood accent wall.  It doesn’t have to look like the old paneling of the 60s and 70s.  Try a weathered gray wood for something different.  Bring in other tones of wood for warmth with accent furniture and mix in warm-toned accessories such as pillows and artwork.

A living room with a wood accent wall and a couch.
Wood walls give this room a cozy feel (

The pillows and metal sconces add a touch of warmth to this room and accent the gray wood wall.

A gray couch with a wood accent wall in a living room.
Beautiful grain adds the perfect wall accent to this room (

Even the bathroom can benefit from a wood accent wall.  Try it out in a powder room for maximum impact.

A bathroom with a wooden sink and mirror featuring a wood accent wall.
Even the bathroom benefits from wood accents (

If you have large doors or entry spaces in your home, make the most of the space with the addition of beautiful wood.  A standout golden stain or an intricate pattern brings interest and character.

A modern entryway with wooden doors and a wood accent wall.
Gorgeous wood doors warm this space (
A restaurant with wood accent wall.
Unique wood design creates interest and texture (

Creative Textures and Patterns

There are so many interesting ways to incorporate texture and pattern with a wood accent wall.  Whether it’s rustic, modern or a complete unique look you are searching for, explore the many facets of wood.

The living room of a tiny house is decorated with a wood accent wall.
Cross-sections of wood create a fabulous accent wall (

A unique pattern gives a surprise twist to wood panels.

A bedroom with a wood accent wall.
A unique pattern gives this wall added drama (

Curved wood layers create the ultimate modern accent and make a stunning statement with dimension.  Add to that integrated shelving and you have a perfect wall!

A living room with a wooden accent wall and a TV.
Dramatic wood accent wall (

Texture, texture, texture!  Give your wall the wow factor with artfully manufactured wood cross-sections.

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Wood accent wall made of logs in a living room.
Accent wall adds great interest and makes a statement (

Integrated shelving adds a great feature to this clever wood wall.

A wooden accent wall adorned with vases on shelves.
A unique wood accent wall (Pinterest)

Patterns play up the wood wall feature.  Look for intricate weaves or apply panels in a herringbone pattern.

A reception area with a wood accent wall.
Pattern creates texture for this accent wall (
A living room with a wood accent wall.
Herringbone pattern accent wall (Pinterest)

Peel-and-Stick Wood

Yes, there are peel-and-stick options if you prefer a more economical and easier way to include wood accents in your home.  Peel-and-stick panels can be applied directly to the wall.

A living room with white furniture and a wood accent wall.
Peel and stick wall panels (

Wallpaper in beautiful realistic wood patterns is available for those who prefer this option.  Paper is easier to obtain and less expensive than real wood.  The variety is extensive and can be used in rental spaces as a removable option.

A wooden surface with a roll of wood veneer.
Paper with wood pattern is a low-cost way to accent a wall (

Add character to any room of the house with a wood accent wall.  The variety is extensive and the unique ideas endless.


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