The Heinza Julen Loft – A French Inspired Getaway In The Alps

A living room with large windows overlooking the mountains in Heinza, Julen Loft.

This getaway located in Switzerland is literally making headlines because the designers and builders actually did one impressive job in building the Heinza Julen Loft in Zermatt. The loft is a one fashionable winter escape that comes with some luxurious decoration schemes that will surely give you the feel of the French era mixed with modernity.

A living room with large windows and a Heinza Julen Loft-inspired staircase.

This winter getaway is like a dream come true for all those people who like a warm and cozy feeling in the house when it’s freezing cold outside. This loft is spread on an area of somewhat around 300 square meters, and the interior is quite classically conservative especially in reference to the size.

A dining room with a table and chairs in a Heinza Julen Loft.

The best part about the loft is that it’s all open and airy from the inside and the designers have perfectly combined the wooden chalets with contemporary lines and shapes. As far as the bedrooms are concerned, well, here in the loft there are a total of 3 spacious bedrooms that have the best possible view you will ever see. The French ceiling windows and the floor, everything is just perfect.

A living room with a couch and a Jacuzzi in the Heinza Julen Loft.

Another reason to praise the existence of this getaway is the presence of a relaxation room that is separate for anyone who wants to lie down or sit on some really soft and comfortable cozy couches. The relaxation room is surely one of the best places in the loft where you can easily sit and relax by sipping on your favorite coffee and watching the mesmerizing view out from the windows.

A loft bed.

Other than the aesthetics and the style, the loft comes with an amazing atmosphere, and this is the main thing that makes it stand out among all the other such lofts. Most importantly, the amount of light that enters the loft especially in the afternoon deserves all the credit for the beautiful atmosphere. Just imagine the dim light entering your room through the windows when you want to relax.

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A bedroom with a bed and a cow rug in the Heinza Julen Loft.

In a nutshell, the Heinza Julen Loft is the best place to be when it’s chilling cold outside. Especially spending your vacations here with your friends and family will be a one delightful experience. The decoration, the style, the interior, and the exterior, no one can deny with the fact that each and everything about this house speaks of perfection. The French touch to the loft with some modern architecture sure deserves some appreciation.

A living room with large windows and a Heinza Julen Loft-inspired staircase.

It’s like a little heaven on Earth specially for those who live in Switzerland. So, if you are a Swiss resident, then we’d suggest you to pay a visit to this beautiful masterpiece, and we assure you that you will fall in love with how it’s built and designed.

A living room with large windows and a wooden table, inspired by the Heinza Julen Loft.

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