Creating the Perfect Fantasy Kids Room

A fantasy-themed children's room with a bunk bed and toys.

Children are incredibly imaginative. They can often be found daydreaming about superheroes, the brave captains of pirate ships, and beautiful princesses. Sometimes you’ll even find them attempting to build these fantasies in the real world.

Psychologists say that this is beneficial for their growth. Imaginations and fantasies help develop the kid’s brains and are critical for their classroom development.

For this reason, parents are encouraged to help their kids become even more imaginative. If your little one loves the idea of captaining a pirate ship, you should find ways to encourage them to “achieve” that dream. If the little princess wants to become Cinderella, then, by all means, try to help them bring that dream to reality.

One way to encourage these imaginations is to incorporate the fantasies into the designs of their bedrooms. A fantasy kids’ room is like a vote of confidence from mom or dad and the biggest motivation the little one needs to chase their dream.

How to Create a Fantasy Kids Room 

Unfortunately, creating a fantasy kids’ room isn’t as easy as it sounds. Choosing the appropriate theme, finding the right colors, and picking the ideal furniture are just some of the challenges you’ll encounter. We’ve created a three-step guide to help you approach the task strategically.

A fantasy-themed children's room with a pink and purple color scheme.
Custom painted walls and bunny mobiles add to the fun.

1. Decide on a theme

This is usually the most difficult part. Why? Because you never really know what the kid loves. You may think you do. However, kids change their minds at the snap of a finger. Today they might be singing praises of a brave ship captain, and the next day they’re trying something completely different, such as building a castle.

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A fantasy-themed bedroom with a yellow canopy bed.
Bring colour to space decor with bold statement furniture.

So, begin by asking the kid. What do they love most? What are some of the books they tend to read most? What stories keep coming back to their minds? If you can find answers to these questions, you’re close to finding the perfect fantasy theme for their bedroom.

The most important thing here, though, is to keep an open mind. Sometimes we think that fantasies are limited to princesses, knights, cartoon characters, and jungle safaris. Far from it, fantasies can be anything the kid is obsessed about, from their dream job to a hobby. For instance, if all they ever dream of is how pilots work, then that’s their fantasy.

A fantasy-inspired child's bedroom with a white bed and a blue wall.
These scattered modern wall sconces seem to float along as part of a whimsical wall mural.

2. Choose a color scheme 

After selecting a theme, the next step is to choose a color scheme. You need to paint the room while ensuring that the color of the walls and ceiling enhances the selected fantasy idea. At the same time, you must select color combinations that work harmoniously, keeping in mind that if the colors clash too much, then it may create “chaos” inside the room.

A fantasy kids' room with a bunk bed and a ladder.
Pink modern kids room

One good way to approach this process is to find pictures that resemble the theme you’re trying to replicate. The good news is that your child may already have several such pictures. If not, then check the books on their shelves. Ask them to show you some of the pictures they look at every so often. You just need to transfer the picture onto the bedroom walls.

A fantasy kids' room with a slide.
Action packed play revolves around an activity block in this pastel kids’ room.

For instance, a room for a kid who consistently fantasizes about being a pilot can be full of blue skies with white clouds. So, you can paint the ceiling blue with a few patches of white to depict the clouds. Meanwhile, if your kid fantasizes about an African safari, then you can paint some animals on the wall to transport the young lodger right into the African plains.

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3. Integrate furnishings to complete the theme 

You’re almost there. The final step is to incorporate furnishings that complete the theme. Creating furnishings can make the child’s fantasies come to life while making the room comfortable and cozy. The right furnishings can also allow you to keep the room safe and functional.

Two bunk beds in a fantasy kids' room with black and white arrows.
Choose Furniture Wisely

For instance, a fantasy-style bed that coordinates with the room’s theme provides both a place to relax and sleep as well as a focal point for decorating the room. It will directly determine what else you can add to the room to complete the décor. For instance, a bed in the shape of a pirate ship allows you to add other sea-themed elements, such as ocean-waved wallpaper, toy boats, and nautical mirrors.

Other furniture pieces that you can use to complete the chosen fantasy theme include the lampstand and dresser. For example, if your little girl wants to be a Cinderella, you can treat her mirror with furnishings that give it a Cinderella feel. You can also find Cinderella nightstands to enhance the style.

A fantasy children's bedroom with colorful furniture and a colorful rug.
Get creative with your storage


In a nutshell, creating the perfect fantasy kids’ room isn’t always an easy process. However, you can do it even without professional assistance with a bit of planning and a strong will.


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