Anatomy of an Entertainment Center


As with any living and socializing space, you want a source of entertainment that wows the crowd. You can individualize it to have one that serves your purpose while flowing seemlessly with your room’s decor. In order to have the most spectacular entertainment center, though, you have to know the anatomy of the design. 

1. Visual space is important. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with a cluttered mess, nor do you want a colossal entertainment center without accessories to back it up. To accomplish this, there should be some empty shelves, but the majority should be filled or half filled, with different levels and lines created by the items inside.


2. Of course, you’ll want to have the TV front and center so that it can be viewed by all and to create the largest focal point for the eye to gaze upon. If you have freestanding speakers then they should on the outer sides of the entertainment center so sound goes throughout the room.

3. Some pre-designed entertainment centers have areas that are blocked visually, typically by doors. If your entertainment doesn’t, consider finding one or two spaces in your own to close off to the public eye. This will make a visually interesting area that breaks from the other, more stimulating shelves.

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4. Place books, DVDs and magazines throughout the entertainment center. They can be organized by color or size as well as be placed vertically or horizontally.


5. Adding collectibles to this piece of furniture are a wonderful way to show off a hobby, and provide some conversation-starting items that give some color or personality.

6. Photographs are a great way to give a personal touch to your entertainment center. If you wish, they can be more professional or artsy to give off a sense of elegance and chic, or they can be goofy pictures of you and your family to make a more home-y feel.

7. Memorabilia or awards from events that you have been a part of are also great additions. They are fun conversation pieces, and an entertainment center is a wonderful place to showcase them or protect them.