Looking to Increase the Value of Your Property? Try These Upgrades

A property boasting a balcony furnished with a couch, table, and chairs enhances its value.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your own home or another property you own, the goal should be to not only add the upgraded features that you desire but to also add features that will increase the value of your property. Not all renovations and remodels add value to a home; for example, adding an in-ground swimming pool to your backyard may actually decrease your property value, when you could just get a quality above-ground pool. However, you could add a pergola to your backyard and do some simple landscaping in the front yard to increase curb appeal. When it comes to home improvement projects that increase home value, you want to focus on both the inside and outside of the property.

Indoor Upgrades

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades are one of the most common home improvement projects homeowners tackle when wanting to increase their property value— and many kitchen renovations can be done without the help of a professional contractor. You can do things like put up a new backsplash, replace cabinets and hardware, and upgrade your countertops. You can also treat yourself to new kitchen accessories, such as a wine rack or a new coffee machine. More complicated remodels that require a professional would include adding an island (especially if this island is going to include a sink, oven, and/or dishwasher), changing out light fixtures, or adding doors and windows.

Like kitchen upgrades, bathroom upgrades are pretty popular and fairly simple. You can update your shower/bathtub, sink, and toilet, or simply paint and add new tile. Another thing to consider is to add another bathroom (which is a remodel that requires a professional), which will also give value to your home.

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Finish the Attic/Basement

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to transform an unused space into something useful. Most homes have either an attic or basement or both, and these are empty/storage spaces that can be put to greater use. An attic or base can be transformed into another living space/bedroom, playroom, game room, office/study, or even a home gym (though, this may be a better option for a basement).

Outdoor Upgrades

Replace the Garage Door

Curb appeal is a huge factor in determining the value of a home, and upgrading your garage door can really transform the look of your house. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors, and you can even match it to your doors, shutters, and other trim on your home. This upgrade can also be relatively cheap if you reuse the original garage door opener, rather than purchasing a new one. When updating your garage door, you may also want to consider adding a new coat of paint to the exterior of your home. The first thing buyers (and others) see is the outside of your home, so don’t forget to touch up the exterior.

Upgrade the Roof

Speaking of exteriors, another great home improvement idea is to update your roof, especially if it’s over 25 years old. Most roofs last at least 20 years, but they can last longer depending on the type of roof you have. Asphalt tiles are the most common type of roofing material, but you can also have a contractor install metal roofing, stone tiles, or even wood roofing. Just keep in mind that your area may not allow wood material roofs because of an increased risk of a fire hazard. Also, a different type of roof may require reframing.

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Choose the upgrades that make the most sense to your home. For example, some attics and basements may not be fit to be livable, workable spaces. Also, you don’t have to upgrade multiple spaces at once. In fact, it’s more feasible and affordable to concentrate on one project at a time.

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