TOP 5 Popular Window Types in Ontario, Canada

Windows are an important element of room architecture. They fulfill multiple functions. Therefore, sometimes people want to combine all functions in one window. However, the choice of suitable windows is determined by the personal conditions of a customer.


The preference for different types of windows depends on many factors:

  • purpose: to air inner space or to give more light and create panoramic views
  • climate: the amount of sunshine and rainfall, strength and direction of regular winds
  • room size and function: for sure, small kitchens and presentable halls demand different types of windows
  • fashion and availability of new products on the market
  • financial resources of customers, etc.

Most Demanded Fashionable Types of Windows

  • Fixed casement window: this type of window does not open. However, it creates a great view and allows a large window space for light to enter. Fixed casement windows will be the best choice for those who want to create a presentable appearance of their houses.
  • Casement window: it is an opening hinged window. It is possible to open them both sides – left and right. That is why they will be the best choice for rooms that have many restrictions.
  • Awning window: this type of window is hinged at the top and opened to 45 degrees outwards. This type of fastening protects the room from adverse weather. Therefore, such a window will be the best solution for those who live in rainy climates.
  • Single and double-hung windows: such a window has one or two opening sashes that slide vertically, opening and closing it. Air circulates through double-sash windows efficiently. Warm air passes through the top, and cold air enters the apartment through the lower sash.
  • Picture windows: such windows function as a stylish accent for a room, corridor, hallway, etc.
A Lighthouse Home Shines Bright

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