Best Inexpensive Ways to Spice up Your Garden

In many cases, a person’s personality can easily be reflected by his/her home’s exterior. Having a good and well-organized Garden can say a lot about you, even without you knowing it. It’s good to know that one can easily and cheaply tailor his/her garden to be just what he wants it to be. To learn how to spruce up your garden cheaply here are some ideas that have worked for many others.

Choosing your planters

The first thing that will probably make you start thinking of spending are planters. These are important, given that you need them to plant your flowers for your garden. But there are lots of planters, ranging from as low as $20 to hundreds of dollars.

When choosing a planter for your garden and you are on a tight budget, then you need to avoid the expensive ones. Note that flowers can grow in almost anything, as long as it has good drainage holes in it. Here are some ideas on how to get cheap or even planters for free

Try boots

A group of colorful rain boots hanging in a garden.

When you visit some of your friends’ gardens, you will not miss seeing a flower in an old boot. This is an effective way of cutting on the cost of having to purchase a new planter at prices that might be way too costly for you. You can take your child’s old boot, dress it up by painting with some good colors and then planting your flowers in it.

Use clay pots

You can also use clay pots that have been well decorated to plant your flowers. These are not as expensive as some of the planters that people buy. With just $20, you can get a very beautiful pot to put in your garden.

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Avoid seats in the garden

Among the things that increase the cost of a garden has seats for dressing up the nursery. These are unnecessary as you can still do it using an old and broken chair from your house. You do not have to buy a new seat just for the nursery. And even if you do not have an old seat that is broken, you can still take one of your old seats from the house, use it when dressing up your garden and then you return it afterward.

Eliminate weeds

A woman is gardening in a garden.There is no way we can avoid weeds in our gardens. Weeds are just part of the garden at whatever time of the year. But when weeds are left to thrive in the nursery, then that is when we should start saying goodbye to the cute scene of the backyard. To spruce up the nursery, we have to spare time and cut the weeds right from the roots. And while there are herbicides to help us with this, it is recommended that we just cut them instead.

Go for perennial plants for your garden

Blue geraniums blooming in a garden.Planting perennial plants in the garden can be a good way to cut on the cost of maintaining your nursery. This is because, with these plants, you can be sure to go years before they need to replace them. Perennials such as Lavender, Echinacea, and others can be a good choice to spice up your yard for years without having to spend much.

Ensure lawns are in good shape

For your garden to look neat and tidy, the lawns must also be well taken care of. Usually, we just grab the lawnmower and cut the tall grasses and all that, but then forget to spend some time with the nursery scissors to trim those areas that might have been missed by the mower. To ensure that your nursery is looking good, you need to grab the garden scissors and trim the edges of your lawns.

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Have mirrors in your garden

A garden with a table and chairs.Mirrors make gardens look larger than they are. To have your yard look unique, you can put some mirrors on the walls or fence of the garden. You do not have to spend a lot of money buying mirrors as you can take the broken ones from your house or buy cheap ones from the local store.

Go for solar-powered lights

Solar-powered lights are the best for gardens. These lights will store a lot of energy during the day, which shall be used at night to light up your garden.

Give your plants a new surge of life

As time passes, old plants start weathering. This might distort the image of the garden. To spruce up the garden, you need to put fertilizers on the garden plants so that they can get new leaves and flowers easily.

Clean the patio regularly

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Like a good garden owner, you need to spend some time cleaning up your patio. This is because grime builds up on the patio very quickly. To ensure that the color of the patio is maintained, you have to be cleaning it, digging out any moss that might have grown over time.


Maintaining a garden yard should not be as expensive as many people would want tt to make it look. As long as you understand a few simple and inexpensive tricks to spice it up, you can always have a good looking garden without spending too much on it.

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