9 Amazing Ways of Bathroom Renovation with Little Money

Bathroom Renovation is another essential part of home improvement or home renovation. It adds value, updates its style, and makes it better to adapt to the current needs. Renovations bring improvements to serve you and the family for a long time. It is possible to do remodeling for both small and large bathroom. It is crucial to make it more accessible, quicker, and less expensive. For a bathroom renovation, you do not need a lot of money to transform it into a beautiful space.

There are ways to make that possible on a budget and in a short time. It can either be through professionals or getting creative with some DIY. The amount that one can afford to spend on the transformation is a consideration. It is what determines the extent of the change. These are some of the ways bathroom renovation to improve storage and comfort;

Limiting the tiles

At the time of bathroom renovation, you need to make a wall, flooring, tile choices. Floor tiling in the shower is very important. Textured shower tiles are safe. Replacing part of the coating contributes to changing the look of the bathroom. Blocks can get expensive, especially when done by contractors. It is vital to focus on high-impact areas such as the floor to limit the tiles used, and this will help to save money.

A renovated bathroom with a bathtub.
Use horizontal tiles strips and save money when bathroom renew.

You can also consider tiling a horizontal strip along a wall and then paint the rest. If you must use artistic and expensive tiles, use them as an accent along with cheaper tiles. The tiles will be more noticeable. You will also save money as you only use a few. Professionals must do tile replacement. The time depends on the size. With time limit and budget, you do not need to change all the tiles.

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Creating an original color palette

A renovated bathroom with towels hanging on a ladder.
Make a beautiful color palette with different combine colors

It involves experimenting with different color combinations in the bathroom. The color of towels, baskets, and soap holders are vital for one to choose them with taste. They make the palette of the bathroom. It is quick and cheap and allows for change.


A renovated bathroom with green and white tile and a chandelier.
Use environment-friendly paintings for bathroom

Consider repainting, especially when you have little to spend on renewing the bathroom. Repainting is cheap and an effective way to transform the room. But, it takes more time and requires patience. Reason being, one must paint slowly and gently around the sink, toilet, shower, and the floor. Moisture is also a consideration. In the bathroom, mold and mildew usually develop quickly. Humidity and temperatures change often. It is, therefore, vital to invest in good quality paint with a satin finish. Also, paint the ceiling with special bathroom paint to resist the growth of molds. Paint the corners of the bathroom with a contrasting color. This DIY takes little time and money. The tone-on-tone solution to repaint is a good option. It can also be useful when repainting shelves, stools, and containers.

No buying new, Redo

For the shower or tub, do not buy as this cost a lot of money. Instead, consider professionally relining. It is less cheap. But for the sink and shower fixtures, it is cheaper to replace them than to refinish them. It is because the contractors offering the service often charge a premium price. Only a few people do it and only with old, vintage pieces. It is still possible to do it yourself even though it takes time and investment. Their materials need to be either porcelain or cast iron for refinishing.

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Save on countertops

A bathroom renovation with a white sink and orange towels.
Small granite counter-tops are more affordable

Consider granite countertops. The investment is low as the bathroom counter is small. To save money here, go for colors that are less popular as those that are more popular tend to be more expensive. Also, granite countertops containing imperfections are cheaper. The more they are visible, the cheaper they are. For DIY, use old dressers as sink pedestals. You can make this with a budget dresser, right tools and takes time.

Wall with vintage mirrors

A Bathroom Renovation featuring black walls and gold mirrors.
Use wall vintage mirrors. Antique mirrors complement your bathroom

If the wall behind the sanitary fixtures is empty, consider filling it. It will give the bathroom a new appearance. Furnishing with some antique mirrors can help complement the look of the bathroom.

Updating fixtures

A renovated bathroom with a toilet and sink.
Use affordable materials to make drawers and, paint them with bright colors

Updating sink faucets, drawers, and towel racks need little investment. It makes the difference in the bathroom appearance. For home improvement, you can make the towel racks from home instead of buying them. When it comes to color, do not ignore the taps. You can replace them with a colored model and coordinated with the sink. When done by professionals, they can do the replacements within a day.

An atmosphere with bright lights

A chrome wall light enhancing a bathroom renovation.
Use unique light designs, to brightens the bathroom

It is one of the cheapest bathroom renovation ideas. Bathrooms usually have limited access to natural light. Thus, they need good lighting. When appropriately designed, lighting can change the bathroom look and bring amazing results. There are many ways to increase the light in the bathroom. Consider replacing or adding to the flame. It will help to improve the mood and functionality of the room. It brings an appealing and modern environment.

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The LED light is energy efficient and helps to save money on electricity bills. Also, consider adding lighting in the shower instead of around it. Bathroom mirrors with lanterns can also help increase the light in the room. It creates a brighter space. Always rely on an electrician when inserting new lighting points with a home automation system.

Go green

A close up of a shower head during a bathroom renovation.
Use shower-heads that save water and are stylists

It is crucial when transforming the bathroom to keep the environment in mind. Low-flow toilets and showerheads help to conserve water and also to save money. Hidden cistern toilets save on space. It increases the value of the home. They are fit for all bathroom styles. Used or repurposing materials is good for the environment. These are possible to do at home.


Bathroom renovation can be costly. It is, thus, vital to have budget-friendly ideas. The limitation on renewing also depends on the size of the bathroom. It is possible to DIY most tasks unless the shower is ample. But professionals are better and can do it faster. Redoing the shower makes it more efficient and functional. Some improvements, like repainting works, are essential when planning the transformation work.

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