Do it the Norwegian way

A white picket fence with Norwegian home decor accents.

Are you one of these people that just adore the Scandinavian décor style? If you are, then you should definitely check out our next few tips on how to do it the Norwegian way.

Fresh, simple, homey – if that’s the description of your perfect home then you should think about building and decorating a house in Norwegian style. To show you that’s the right decision for you, we came up with a few tips on how you could achieve it that you can see below.

Colorful Norwegian houses on the water at dusk.

We’ll start with the outside. If you want a Norwegian house, you should stake on wooden panels and slate roofing. The colors should be strong – red, blue, yellow, and even black and white.

A cozy Norwegian kitchen with a fireplace.

Usually, the windows and the rooms are small, so you could be sure that the house would be warm during the long, cold winter. A fireplace is almost mandatory – after all, what better way to stay warm then in front of the fire?

A red Norwegian house sits on top of a hill overlooking the water.

It’s common practice to have a green roof. That’s because a green roofing system offers a great insulation during both the summer and the winter.

A true Norwegian house should have a nice garden that’s well kept. Usually, not many of the properties have a fence. However, if you prefer to have some kind of a fence, then it should be short and made of wood.

A black and grey bedroom with a large painting on the wall featuring Norwegian home decor.

To make your home look Norwegian on the inside too, you should stake on clean lines and furniture made of wood. Every detail that makes you think of the nature should do the trick too. The color scheme is mainly composed of pale pastels. Another material that’s commonly used is wool.

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A living room with white walls and a rug, inspired by Norwegian home decor.

Following these simple tips, you can be sure that you’ll have your dream home.

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