A few good reasons to have a chalkboard in your home


Chalkboard – maybe that’s not the first thing that comes in mind when you’re thinking of redecorating your house, right? Perhaps that’s because you had no idea that you can make something out of it, or it’s because you think that you don’t possess enough imagination and creativity. Either way, with the next few suggestions you’ll find a way to incorporate the chalkboard in your home making it cool and fresh no matter your previous fears.


The first idea is memo chalkboard. Put it in the kitchen, so you could keep a list of the groceries you need; put one in your home office and be sure to never forget any appointment; take one for the hallway, right before the door, so you can be always ready to write something down before leaving the house. The same thing goes for a chalkboard calendar. It’s smart, it’s easy, just do it.


The next suggestion is chalkboard drawers. That’s a good idea if you like everything to be in order. Not only that but you’ll also save time when you have to clean and organize the drawers.


The next few ideas are all more or less connected to drawing. Don’t be afraid that you’ll make something wrong because the biggest plus of chalk is that it can be erased the moment you decide you want to. So draw a doodle or two in the empty frame that isn’t suitable for any of your pictures. Invent yourself a headboard if you don’t have enough space for real one – make it as big as you want, as eccentric as you want. Draw yourself a shelf, or a window, or whatever you feel is right for the moment. Just give it a try.

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You can be a little crazy with chalk so give a piece to your friend, to your other half, or even to your child and create the home you’ve always dreamed of.  I can guarantee you that you’d love the outcome.



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