Attention Grabbing Examples of Feature Wallpaper

A vibrant green dresser in a room with attention-grabbing feature wallpaper.

Wallpaper is enjoying a contemporary renaissance after it became overlooked in the past couple of decades for block colours and smoothly plastered walls. Instead of traditional print patterns repeated across entire rooms, we’re now using feature wallpaper to drive our homes into more unique and inspiring spaces.

An attention-grabbing world map feature wallpaper.
Curb or inspire your wanderlust with a giant world map in your home (

Instead of focusing on style alone, go for a feature image that feels dear to you. Colours, images, and even maps can inspire you towards a better lifestyle.

A table with a stunning vase of flowers on it.
Feature wallpaper can be costly, but is a worthwhile investment (

Keep your room’s furniture pure and simple if you want your bold and beautiful feature wall to achieve its potential.

A modern kitchen with an attention-grabbing brick wall.
Rustic brick wallpaper is a juxtaposition of effortless and chic (

External prints such as bricks, tiles, and stone are very en vogue and will give any home a rustic and industrial chic twist. Wallpaper is also less expensive and intrusive than genuine stone wall cladding.

A vibrant green dresser in a room with attention-grabbing feature wallpaper.
Geometric prints of all sizes and colours can create fabulous illusions (

Geometric prints with bold colour palettes carry a modern and mid-century theme, but their sharpness and personality makes them perfect for homes with colour.

A attention grabbing hallway with a book on the wall.
A picture paints a thousand words; make sure they’re the right ones (

Feature walls can be custom made to suit the personalities in your home like nothing else. Designed and printed with you in mind, any image or text you wish can now be pasted onto your walls.

An attention-grabbing living room with a gold feature wallpaper.
Unusual patterns can be just as striking as unusual colours (

Muted metallic are ideal if you want to make a slightly subdued impact. Metallic finishes reflect light and stand out beautifully, but make more of an impact and are less overwhelming when used as a feature wall.

A room with a gray wall and a wooden floor showcasing attention-grabbing examples of feature wallpaper.
The smallest of contrasts in shade of finish can make a huge difference (

Choose which wall you want to enhance carefully. Consider the layout of furniture and the position of any light to make sure that your special wall is amplified and gets the attention it deserves.

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