5 Ways to Get a Luxury Look for Less

Getting a luxury look for less
Getting a luxury look for less (babaimage)

Many of us strive, or at least dream of, achieving a look of luxury in our homes.  There is an undeniable appeal to the luxury home and its level of taste and sophistication.  This is a style that we admire in magazines, on television and on the internet.  However, not all of us can afford the look or even know how to go about getting it on a budget.  Here are five ways to get a luxury look for less.

Beautiful luxury interior
Beautiful luxury interior (furnituredesigned)

1.  Architectural Embellishment

One thing that draws attention to a space is its architectural elements.  Moldings, chair rail, wainscoting, a coffered ceiling and unique niches give a room depth and character.  Many luxury spaces include these embellishments, making a home look more expensive.  Moldings can be a do-it-yourself installation by purchasing pre-cut pieces at home stores and added to any room in the home.

Exquisite interior
Exquisite interior (plebio)
Lovely dining room (housedimension)
Luxurious interior
Luxurious interior (home-designing)

2.  Symmetry and Balance

A room that is well balanced actually looks more expensive and luxurious.  An easy way to achieve balance in a room is by employing symmetry.  Placing identical chairs across from one another, sconces on each side of the fireplace, lamps of the same style and height on each side of the sofa are just a few ways to achieve symmetry in a room.  Items don’t have to be exact to be symmetrical.  Two chairs placed opposite a sofa can balance the larger piece.

How to Mix Metals for a Rich, Layered Room Design
An exquisite interior
An exquisite interior (billymagz)
Beautiful interior design
Beautiful interior design (bookbreck)
High ceilings highlight this luxury interior
High ceilings highlight this luxury interior (qarmazi)

3.  Luster

Luxury urban homes have a luster all their own with views that span the city skyline.  Bring your own brand of luster into your home with metallic surfaces that reflect light and add texture and depth to the space.  Shimmering wallpapers, metallic tiles and accent furniture in glistening tones of gold, bronze, silver and platinum infuse a home with luster.  A cool color palette can give a room a luxurious feel as well. Cool grays, blues and creams are calming and sophisticated.

Luxurious interior
Luxurious interior (luxuspraha.cz)
Elegant interior
Elegant interior (beauvilleestates.co.uk)

4.  Editing

One of the most important rules of interior design is to edit, edit, edit!  Know when enough is enough when it comes to accessorizing.  A few statement pieces are more effective than many smaller, insignificant elements.  A large painting over the fireplace or a significant piece of artwork or sculpture can be the room’s focal point.  Pillows, rugs and books can provide significant character, color and texture to a space.  An uncluttered room looks more luxurious and appears more expensive.  This will also call more attention to decorative architectural elements, giving the room substance.

Refined and elegant interior
Refined and elegant interior (Houzz)
Luxurious interior
Luxurious interior (adsbeat)
Simple luxury
Simple luxury (trendier)

5.  Quality Pieces

Invest in at least one high quality item in your space.  For the living room, this can be the sofa.  Since this is the key piece of furniture in the room, splurge on a sofa.  Ensure it is of top quality and select a fabric that is not only long-lasting but luxurious.  This will carry a room that is furnished with lesser pieces.  Luxury doesn’t have to happen over night.  When your budget allows, gradually replace other pieces with better quality.

Bold and Wonderful Interiors to Inspire
Luxury living
Luxury living (homeridae)
Crisp, luxurious design
Crisp, luxurious design (idesignarch)

It is easier than you think to get a luxury look in your home.  With just a few additions and incorporating key interior design elements, you can achieve a home that is luxurious and looks expensive even on a budget.



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