Turn on the Charm with Cottage-style Decorating


Cottage-style decorating is casual, comfortable and charming.  It is timeless and fresh.  Infused with items that you love, cottage-style decorating defies rules to make a home an informal, cozy space that exudes a carefree warmth.  You can achieve cottage style by combining vintage-inspired fixtures and details, stained or painted woods, textiles with mixed patterns and treasured collections.

With a mixture of patterns, design periods and textures, a neutral color palette forms the perfect backdrop for cottage-style design to keep the space from being overly complex.  Cream, beige or white are tried and true.  Soft blue, sage green or creamy yellow work just as well to create a cozy yet airy ambiance.


Combining patterned or floral fabrics with stripes and checks enlivens the space.  Solid fabrics provide balance and can be chosen for a more relaxed, soothing feel that trends more toward a contemporary take on the cottage style of decorating.

Cottage-style-interior-living-room-decorating-ideas         painted floors- green painted floor

Wood floors accented with natural or woven area rugs ground the space, adding softness and texture.  Painted wood floors add even more character and personality to the cottage home.

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Simple stained wood or distressed painted furniture go hand-in-hand with cottage-style decorating, keeping the overall aesthetic casual and warm.  To add softness use quilts or throws, as well as decorative pillows.

Best Places to Find Homes with Charm and Character

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Open shelving in the kitchen is inviting and offers the opportunity to display favorite collections or colorful dishes and glassware.  Painted cabinets with beautiful vintage hardware set the scene.

CottageBathroomFurniture          make-house-a-home-without-spending-any-money-ideas-by-display-your-wares-collections-and-candle-holders-with-artificial-flowers-on-wall-abov

Vintage-styled light and plumbing fixtures enhance the cottage-style theme.  Add vintage hardware to cabinets and furniture for a nice finishing touch.  Accessorize with collections and vintage treasures.  Merge old and new for added interest, color and texture.

white-cottage-style-interior-decor         1

Cottage styles vary from beach and waterfront to mountain and wooded rustic.  Whatever the style and wherever the place, creating a cottage-style interior that is comfortable and charming makes for a welcoming home.



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