Cool it up with Steampunk

A room filled with steampunk-themed leather furniture and baseball memorabilia.

You want cool home incorporating industrial style with a little bit of a vintage vibe? Then Steampunk is just for you.

A steampunk room with a wooden table and bookshelves.

This particular creative movement can be explained as a mixture of new technology and Victorian era that belong to a completely different, imaginative world. In the interior design Steampunk tends to lean toward the heavier, masculine looks which are mainly used in bigger spaces because of their bulkiness. Although the style is loosely defined, everything that could pass as industrial and mechanical is considered to be Steampunk.

A steampunk-inspired living room with leather furniture and a world map on the wall.

The most commonly used colors are copper, bronze, brown and metallic – often in combination with each another. Of course, you can also use muted colors like sepia and cream, and not only that but black as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the Steampunk aesthetic – after all in the end it’s all about you.

A steampunk-inspired room with a desk, a chair, and a lamp.

The materials are mainly leather, metal and all kinds of dark wood creating the distinguishing look of Steampunk style. Small details like rusty metal pipes, sprockets, old maps, dated clocks and lamps make the interior magical and believable in the same time.

A steampunk kitchen with black and gold decor and tiled floors.

Reuse your old furniture and don’t think twice about it. After all, you have to bring the vintage vibe somehow and what better way than dated sofa or a worn wooden chair?

A room with a steampunk pool table.

Another cool way to decorate your room in futuristic retro style is to showcase exposed brick walls. If for some reason that’s not possible in your home, you can always use wallpapers or just imitate bricks with some paint. If you aren’t fan of exposed bricks you can decorate your walls with different black and white pictures, technical sketches, or framed herbariums.

Tribute to New Orleans on Mardi Gras

A dining room with black walls and a wooden table featuring steampunk elements.

No matter what you choose, you can be sure that this unique mixture of science, technology and Victorian antiquities will bring unprecedented style in your home.

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