Live Close to Nature with Rustic Decorating Style

A rustic living room in a log cabin with a fireplace, perfect for those who want to live close to nature.

Fresh mountain air, cool lake breezes, whispering pines and rustling leaves.  If these things mean home to you, rustic decorating is the style for you.  Natural elements take center stage with exposed wood beams, knotty pine paneled walls, wide plank wood floors and furniture with natural wood finishes.

A rustic living room with a fireplace.
A rustic living room with a fireplace and deer antlers.

The foundation for decorating the rustic home interior begins with wide plank wood flooring, sweeping high ceilings with exposed wood beams and paneled walls.  If this is not possible, you can still achieve the rustic aesthetic with touches of these elements throughout.

A rustic living room with wood beams and a stone fireplace.

To truly capture the rustic vibe in your home, large furniture pieces are best.  Big and bold leather sofas and chairs or natural fiber upholstered pieces set the stage.  Tables, cabinets and armoires in their natural wood finishes complement the look.

A stone fireplace enhances a rustic bedroom.

A warm gathering spot in the rustic home starts with a large fireplace framed in river rock and capped off with a wood plank mantle.  A faux animal skin or fur rug serves to anchor the room and adds a touch of soft texture to the space.

A rustic living room in a log cabin.

Windows should generally be simply adorned in order to take full advantage of the view.  Long panels mounted 4” to 8” above the window casing and 4” to 10” outside the casing expand the windows and can be pushed aside to enjoy the view.

Experience the rustic charm of a log cabin living room nestled in nature.
Design by TruLinea Architects

Accessorize with natural objects such as pine cones, leaves, nuts and branches displayed in vases and bowls.  Antlers are currently on trend and can be mounted alone or in groups.  Colorful woven throws and pillows in warm red and gold add color, texture and warmth.

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A rustic dining room with a wooden table and chairs.
Photo, soul-dé
A rustic living room featuring wooden beams and furniture, creating a close-to-nature ambiance.

If you love the appeal of rustic but don’t live in the mountains, by the lake or in the woods, there are modern takes on rustic that can be integrated into your home.  Pair natural wood finishes with simple contemporary furniture pieces and blend natural accessories and textiles to complete the look.

A rustic living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.

Rustic decorating style is relaxed, warm and comfortable.  It is second only to the view from a home in the mountains, by the lake or in the woods.  However, rustic style brings you close to nature, whether that be in the city, suburbs or in the country.


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