Unique Ceiling Treatments for Your Home

A living room with a unique chandelier.

When decorating the home, many people ignore the ceiling.  Think of the ceiling as an extension of the walls and give it a special treatment.  By using architectural elements, moldings, paint, fabric, wallpaper and tiles, a ceiling becomes an integral feature of a room.

A living room with a unique ceiling treatment.
Photo, femaleways.com
A living room with a unique ceiling treatment, featuring a pool table and a fireplace.

Fabric is a great way to create a special treatment for the ceiling.  Fabric can be adhered or fastened directly to the ceiling or you can drape it for a special, luxurious look.  Fabric panels can be installed in various patterns for a more intricate and custom treatment.

A unique room with a bookcase featuring blue and white striped walls.
Designer Alex Papachristidis via Elle Décor
A unique bedroom with a bed and a chandelier.

Ceiling tiles come in a variety of materials and finishes.  Tin tiles are wonderful enhancements to the kitchen, available in finishes like silver, pewter and copper.  Tiles add a shimmer and texture to ceilings and evoke a long ago era.

An ornate ceiling with a chandelier for unique home décor.
A wooden panel with an ornate design, perfect for unique ceiling treatments.
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Unique Tin Ceiling Tiles for Your Home.
Silver tile Home Depot, Copper tile ceiling.bloguez.com
A kitchen with a large island and a unique ceiling treatment.

Wallpaper is not just for walls.  Use metallic wallpaper on the dining room ceiling and accent with a shimmering chandelier to create a warm glow.  3D wallpaper can be used to wonderful effect in a child’s room, a home theatre or even in the living room.

A living room with a unique and colorful ceiling.
3D wallpaper, Aliexpress.com
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Also good for the home theatre and children’s rooms is a fiber optic ceiling.  This effect can be created with kits available at certain retailers or can be installed professionally.

A home theater with unique ceiling treatments and chairs.

Painting the ceiling with a mural or a stenciled pattern creates drama and dimension.  Decorative paint treatments, such a gold leaf, greatly accent a room and heighten the ambiance.

A dining room with unique ceiling treatments and chairs.
A unique bedroom with a chandelier.
An ornate ceiling in a dining room featuring unique ceiling treatments.
Gold leaf wallpaper, Knottinghillinteriors.com

Moldings can be installed to heighten the elegance and interest of a ceiling.  Even installing a ceiling medallion around a light fixture adds a touch of interest.  A medallion paired with trim around the perimeter of the room at ceiling height adds character and finishes a room.

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A room with unique ceiling treatments featuring ornate designs.
A unique white ceiling medallion adorned with a flower.

Architectural elements such as coffered or tray ceilings bring dimension and structural weight to a room.  The sections within the coffered or tray ceiling can be accented with paint or other finishes.

A bedroom with a unique four poster bed and ceiling treatment.
A uniquely designed 3D rendering of a dining room with stunning ceiling treatments.

When you have a ceiling that is a work of art, show it off with statement lighting.  Hang a grand or unique chandelier that ties everything together.  A beautiful lighting fixture is like jewelry to an outfit, complementing and enhancing the ensemble.

A modern dining room with a unique chandelier.
A dining room with a unique chandelier.
A dining room with a unique chandelier hanging above the table.

A room with a decorative ceiling appears more complete and can heighten the drama and interest while adding a whole new dimension to the space.  Look up and imagine all the great ways you can create a work of art for your ceiling.


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