Creative Alternatives to the Headboard

A bedroom with a bed and dresser.

Whether you are just starting out in your first home or you simply want a change in your bedroom, there are many creative alternatives to a standard headboard.  Art, salvaged materials and other objects can create a unique accompaniment to the bed.

A bed with a headboard and chairs.
A bed with a headboard.

Salvaged doors or a grouping of old windows mounted to the wall behind the bed make a very stylish headboard alternative.  Discarded shutters made into a folding screen or antique moldings are a great addition to the vintage bedroom.

A bedroom with a wooden headboard.
A bed with a headboard and a lamp.
A bed with a headboard and pillows.
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Use salvaged wall panels to add dimension and character to the bedroom.  Mount them on the wall and maintain their original patina or paint them.

A bedroom with a bed and a headboard.
A wooden headboard.

Display a grouping of framed photos or artwork for a very personal touch.  Paint a mural on the wall, creating a wonderful world surrounding your bed.

A bedroom with a white bed.
A bed with a headboard in a room with a ceiling fan.

Choose a favorite fabric or one that coordinates with your bedding and hang it from a wall-mounted curtain rod above the bed.  A tapestry or colorful throw could be used as well.  This is something that can be changed seasonally or whenever the mood strikes.

A bed with pillows, a green wall hanging, and a headboard.

For a cozy cottage feel, display a group of old frames on the wall.  Mix different sizes and shapes for maximum impact.  For a truly special look, use an old mantel or place your bed in front of a non-functioning fireplace.  The mantel top provides a great display area.

A white and yellow bedroom with a bed and a bedside table featuring a headboard.
A headboard in a bedroom.
A blue and white bedroom with a chandelier and headboard.

Floor mirrors are a chic and dramatic alternative to the headboard.  They can make a smaller room appear larger and brighten up a dark space.

A bedroom with a bed and a mirror, featuring a headboard.
A bedroom with a black headboard and a large mirror.

Get creative with other objects, such as boat oars or books.  Use a collection of boat oars and drape them with fishing net and buoys for added coastal flair.  Use old shutters, replacing the slats with padded fabric.  A group of books or magazines adhered to the wall and opened to your favorite passage or photograph gives the bookworm a special treat.

Unique Beds that Create an Atmosphere
A bed with a headboard made out of wooden paddles.
A bed with a green headboard.
A bed with a headboard made out of books. (headboard)

Install a chalkboard in place of a headboard and write notes on it.  This is a great idea for a child’s room or a guest bedroom.  You can remind your children to make their beds or leave a nice note for overnight guests.


There are endless possibilities for creating alternatives for the headboard.  Add whimsy, character and style with vintage objects or go for a completely out of the box idea by creating your own headboard.  Give your bedroom a creative boost with something other than a standard headboard.

A bed with a colorful comforter and headboard.


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