How to Decorate with the Color of the Year Marsala

A bedroom with marsala walls and an ornate bed.

Is it the dinner special, the wine, or wasn’t there a dance craze called marsala?  This year marsala is a color that the experts at Pantone have designated as the color of the year for 2015.  Marsala, in its truest form, is a rich brownish red that exudes warmth and calls to mind images of sipping wine by the fire.  Or perhaps it is just a rehash of the 80s mauve craze.  The interpretation is up to you.  However, there are some very pleasing ways to use this color in your home.

A sectional couch in a living room with marsala accents.
A bedroom with marsala curtains and a bed.
Designer, Beatrice M. Fulford-Jones via Vogue

Create a bold and rich room by painting the walls marsala and layering warm woods and various shades of the color with furniture and accessories.  Woods with medium to dark finishes blend well with marsala, giving it a rich look while adding texture.  Use white paint for the trim for sharp contrast.

A bedroom with a bed and a dresser in marsala tones.
A living room with marsala walls and a leather couch.
A hallway with marsala walls and furniture.

Add just a touch of marsala to your interior with an upholstered chair or sofa.  Accent a room with pillows, throws and accessories in shades of marsala.  Toss in a few complementary or contrasting colors and patterns to create interest and depth.

A modern living room with a wooden ceiling featuring marsala accents.
A living room with a marsala cowhide rug.
A sofa with pillows and a marsala-colored blanket on it.
A living room with a marsala red couch and a rug.

Marsala pairs well with beige, taupe, copper and various shades of blue and green.  Jazz up your space with a contrasting turquoise or green.  Keep the pairings subtle with hints of beige, taupe and copper.  Use a patterned rug or fabric for inspiration.

A living room with marsala couches and a fire place.
A bed with a turquoise upholstered headboard and marsala pillows.
A room with a marsala-colored bed and couch.

To truly get a sense of how well the color of the year blends with greens, blues, beiges, taupe and copper, see the below samples.  The mixture of colors is very pleasing and you can creatively contrast various shades of these into your room design.

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Marsala color scheme.
A marsala floral pattern on a red carpet.
Spools of red and brown thread on a marsala-colored table.

Take a look at the different ways you can use marsala in your home and decide if it is right for you.  If you love deep, rich colors that blend well with a variety of others, marsala may be worth a try.

A marsala chandelier hanging over a dining room table.
Tempo da Delicadeza


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