Top 10 Trending Hardwood Floor Refinishing IdeasĀ 

A living room with hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring has been an infallible choice for centuries now. More clients are opting for wooden flooring as compared to other types. Wooden floors give the house a natural and a more sophisticated look to the home.

As hardwood floors age, the flooring can get scratched and dull; however, once refinishing is done, the floor becomes as good as new. Handwork of refinishing grants you to change your color hardwood flooring has been damaged.

In decorating your house, it is wise to choose the flooring types that are in trend. While choosing interior flooring can be challenging, some styles such as shag carpet and linoleum are slowly getting out of style. Here are the top 10 hardwood floors refinishing ideas that are in trend.

1. European White Oak

The wood is strong and heavy with a tighter grain, smaller growth rings, and a uniform color. Its color stretches from light brown to dark brown. It is the most common flooring choice in the US. It is easily available, durable, and is easy to work with.

European white oak is popular because its versatility allows it to be warm, rich, light, and uplifting simultaneously while making a room look more sophisticated. Also, it is robust and has a hardwearing nature.

A living room with hardwood floors.

2. Whitewashed Wood Floors

The whitewashed wood is a coast trend that is beginning to spread across the country. It gives the feeling of being on the beach. Whitewashed floors have a new look as they have more texture, dimension, and wider planks, thus giving the house a modern look.

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They give your home a rustic feel and brighten up your space. This type of flooring is trending as it provides the house with a relaxed and modern look. The lighter color of the wood floors is spreading and becoming more popular.

3. Bright Painted Hardwood

Bright painted hardwood floors are excellent when you are looking for a new appearance on your grounds. Painted floors bring color to the house and change your old bases into a masterpiece. It is a better choice than replacing your bases with expensive hardwood.

A fun fact about painted hardwood is that whenever you drop something hard to clean, all you need to do is paint it. You can use an alternative color and repaint new blooms after a few years to change the look.

4. Dark Painted Hardwood

If you don’t like bright paint, you have a choice to use dark painted hardwood. After refinishing your floors, you can change the hardwood flooring’s color to give the house a sleek and sophisticated look.

When it comes to hardwood flooring, dark floors are the most popular. Most of the furniture is already bright-colour, so dark floors will bring a classy look.

A living room with black hardwood floors and a black sofa.

5. Matte Finished Hardwood Floors

The matte finish makes hardwood floors have a natural look. They are easier to clean and maintain and give a more organic look. This type of finishing follows a new trend without being too edgy. They are durable as they don’t show scratches or wear out easily.

Matte hardwood floors have become a new trend that is on the rise. They do not reflect light as compared to high gloss floors, which require a lot of maintenance.

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6. Satin Finished Wood Floors

A satin finish is between a glossy and matte finish. The reason why it is popular is that it is designed in a way that it hides dirt and imperfections rather than exposing them. It is a classy look as it gives the floors some shiny appearance without being very glossy.

It gives the perfect shine to your floors. Satin finishes are a trend that has emerged in 2021 and will continue to become popular in the coming years.

A kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors.

7. Dark Brown Stained Oak Floors

When refinishing hardwood floors, it is advisable to use the brown stain on your layouts. The dark brown hardwood floors are currently the most popular. They give a neutral look, which makes your home look more elegant.

Darker tones are still on top of the list for flooring. It also goes well with various decorations. It is also a classic look if you are looking to sell your house, as most clients go for neutral colors.

8. Graphite Hardwood Floors

As darker floors become more popular, graphite floor grounds are an excellent way to elevate your feet and make your house taller and spacious. The beds have thicker layers that protect against wear and tear, thus making them more durable.

They are best installed in kitchens and dining rooms as they are slip-resistant. Graphite hardwood floors help to enhance the wood planks and reduce the chances of twisting. They also hide any imperfections in an existing base.

9.Oiled Wood Floors

Oil finishes penetrate the wood and coat every layer of the wood without altering its natural beauty. It makes the wood stronger and improves its durability. Using an oil finish gives the wood a matte finish that is currently trending. It provides the house with an organic and neutral look.

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They are easy to clean and repair. These polishes protect the floor by forming a layer on the surface of the ground. It is a new trend that is becoming popular and will continue to catch on and gain more popularity.

10. Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has been trending for many years. Hopefully, it will gain more popularity in 2021. It is environmentally friendly, resilient, and gives a distinctive look. It has been used for years due to its durability and its unique look. Rooms that have cork flooring are naturally warm and quiet.

You can walk or stand on the floors for a long time without getting uncomfortable. Cork is durable, sustainable, and easy to maintain. It gives a soft and special appearance to your home.


There are a lot of new trends that are catching up in the wood flooring industry. With a wide variety of options in the market, there are numerous styles to use to class up your home. These trends will gain popularity and will be used for many more years to come.

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