How to upcycle your old bicycle


If you want a little bit different interior, then probably you should try to upcycle your old bicycle. Trust us – the results are far better than you have ever imagined.

If you have ever wondered what you could do with your old bike, instead of just throwing it away, then these next suggestions are exactly for you.


Maybe you even didn’t think that’s possible to make a vanity out of a bike. The reality tough is different. It turns out that if you find a specialist with a quirky vision, he can come up with something nice like that one.


Clothes hanger rack

Even though there’s little to no chance to see your old bike as a clothes hanger rack, you can definitely make one of it. You can even make it without professional help. As you can see on the picture below the only thing you have to do is install suitable fixtures that will prevent the bike from moving or falling.  And that’s it!


Wall art


The truth is that you can use all of the parts of your old bike. As it is shown on the picture bellow, the bike seats can be turned in funky looking hunting trophies that every art lover would be dying to have on his all.

8 Ways to Use Recycled Bicycles in Your Home

wall art

Table on wheels

Another cool suggestion is the table on wheels. You’ll definitely love that one not only because of its looks, but also because its functionality.


Lamps and chandeliers

If you’re a fan of the more industrial looking furniture, then you’ll surely like the lamps and chandeliers made from bike parts.



You can use your old bike even in the garden. Just arrange some flowerpots around it, attach others directly on it, and you have a new and awesome looking planter!



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