Eight Important Interior Design Rules for all Homemakers

A living room with brown furniture and blue curtains, adorned with a vegetable garden.

Interior design may seem easy to many because you only use your instinct to figure out what goes where.  Your instincts will help you get through the basics of interior design rules. However, for your home to achieve a cohesive look, following a few guidelines are inevitable.

Order of Curtains


Your curtain should be 2.5 times wider than the size of your window, with the fabric long enough to fall on the floor. Ensure the curtain rod is closer to the ceiling rather than immediately on top of the window. This magnifies the size of your windows.

Accurate Measurements

A yellow tape measure in a vegetable garden.

Measure your space before you purchase furniture. This helps you avoid clutter and enhance your living room functionality.

Timeless Designs

A white kitchen with a wooden counter top.

For materials and spaces that you don’t intend to replace, settle for subtle colors and timeless designs. These could include your cabinets, build in cupboards and sinks among others.

Free Hallway

A black and white photo of a hallway transformed into a vegetable garden.

Your hallway must have a free space that has enough room to enable you to walk between rooms easily. Avoid putting any furniture in the hallway.

Artwork Prerequisite

A room with a painting of a vegetable garden on the blue walls.

Do not hang your artwork too high. The center of the art should be at eye level, approximately 1.5 meters from the floor. Ensure all your artworks are roughly at the same centre line; it creates harmony.


A living room with lots of furniture and bookshelves.

Your sofa should be at least a meter or two off the walls. Make your room cozier by using the space behind the sofa to display the décor on your shelf unit.

Golden Point

A living room with large windows.

In terms of color, every room should have a centrepiece in which other things are built around. This could be a unique rug or furniture that captures attention when you walk into the room.

Styling Tips for Decorating with Trays

Perfect Carpet

A living room with a couch and a coffee table transformed into a vegetable garden.

When getting a carpet ensure it’s the right fit for your space. It has to reach the front legs of your furniture.

These simple interior design rules are all set to make your home living entity. When you are thinking of enhancing your house, stick to the standards.

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