5 Interior Design New Year Resolutions to Make Now

A wooden front door with the number 2016 on it, representing a New Year aesthetic.

It’s a brand new year.  Are you ready to start fresh?  Here are 5 interior design New Year resolutions to make now for a fresh start in 2016.

An interior design resolution focused on updating furniture and incorporating a fireplace into a living room with blue and white accents.
Give your living room a fresh perspective with brighter colors (HGTV)
  1.  Embrace Color

If you’re ready for a bold change to refresh your living room, embrace color.  Give your room a boost with a bold wall color and lively upholstery.

An interior design featuring a yellow chair and a colorful rug.
Bright colors radiate in this Anthony Baratta Interior (interiordesignfiles)

Keep the walls neutral and try out a new color scheme in your living room.  Add a bold accent color with the addition of a contrasting fabric on one chair.

One of the five Interior Design New Year Resolutions to Make Now involves a living room with a blue couch and green chairs.
Lively colors enhance this living room (betterdecoratingbible)

Envelop your room in a cozy dark color and enhance it with bright fabrics.  Add touches of black to neutralize the palette.

An interior design resolution to create a livable space with blue walls and a zebra rug.
Bold walls and a bright green sofa give this room a boost (knottinghillinteriors)

Not quite ready for a complete color makeover?  Simply add color with throw pillows and accents throughout the room.

A cozy living room with couches and a fireplace.
Colorful throw pillows enhance this neutral living room (scotthargisphoto.wordpress)

2.  Decide What You Truly Love

The new year gives you an excuse to start fresh.  Take a good look around your home and decide what you really love and what you can do without.  Edit your accessories and furniture.  Now is the time to finally get rid of that table that you keep bumping into or that lamp that keeps falling over.  Decorate with what you truly love and you will never get tired of your interiors.

A living room with a blue couch and a tv - Interior Design.
Decorate with the items that you truly love (Houzz)

Frame those pieces of art that you’ve collected over the years that are just gathering dust in your attic.  Bring them out to enjoy every day.

Interior Design
Surround yourself with items that you truly love (lagxbl)

When you find pieces at antique shops or flea markets that you truly love, give them a place in your home.  Scale back on items that are just for looks and keep those that have a story or meaning for you.  These are the pieces that will stand the test of time.

Masculine Industrial Style for the Modern Man
Keywords: living room, fireplace.
Keep what you love and donate or sell what you don’t (Houzz)

3.  Rearrange Your Living Room

Rearranging your living room is a way to achieve a new perspective and give your room a fresh new look.  Consider moving pieces from other rooms into your living room or taking pieces out to fit a new arrangement.

An inviting living room with comfortable couches and a large TV.
Rearrange your living room for a fresh start to the new year (colloow)
A cozy living room with couches and a fireplace.
Rearrange your living room for a fresh perspective (Houzz)

Start by drawing a diagram of the room.  You can cut out pieces of furniture to scale and move them around on the diagram to decide on a new arrangement.  The next step would be to remove everything from the room and start over from scratch.  You may need to make adjustments once everything is in place.  Have fun with it and don’t feel the need to get it perfect the first time.  Once you’ve lived in the room for a few days, you may decide to make changes.

A diagram illustrating the arrangement of furniture in a living room.
Draw a diagram for room arrangement possibilities (blog.christmastreemarket)

4.  Set the Table

The formal dining room is making a comeback this year.  Give your dining room the finishing touch by decorating your table.  Get out your finest china and crystal, add beautiful cloth napkins and set out a beautiful display.

A dining room with wooden chairs.
Set your table for a finishing touch in the dining room (sqirly)

You can change your tablescape seasonally and add flowers for a fresh look.

A dining room table set with flowers and napkins that embodies interior design.
Refresh your table settings seasonally (richmondamerican)

If you don’t have a formal dining room, just set a few simple place settings.  This gives a finished look to your décor and gets the table ready for a meal.  Decorating your dining table may even give you the incentive to eat at the table instead of in front of the television in the living room.

A dining room table with a vase of flowers showcasing 5 interior design New Year resolutions to make now.
Simple table settings make your dinners quick, easy and special (thedesigninspirationalist)

5.  Freshen Up

There are numerous ways to freshen up your home without making major changes.  New towels and a shower curtain in the bathroom can make a big impact.  A nice plush rug in the bathroom also infuses a fresh look.

The Timeless Appeal of Cool & Casual Khaki
A bathroom with a green shower curtain.
New towels and shower curtain refresh a bathroom (furgalfanatic)

Change out your linens for an easy refresher in the bedroom.  New sheets, a new comforter or quilt can brighten up your room.

An inviting bedroom with a comfortable bed.
Change your bed linens for a bedroom refresh (furnisty)

New light fixtures in the kitchen can quickly change the room.  Install new fixtures or update existing ones for fresh appeal or a modern upgrade.

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, interior design.
Install new lighting in your kitchen for a fresh look (pendantlightingforkitchen)

Reupholster a chair or set of chairs to add a vibrant addition to a room and make something old new again.

Two chairs with purple and black patterned rugs in front of a mirror: Interior Design.
Reupholster chairs for a quick refresh (Pinterest)

Dining room chairs are an easy DIY project, especially for chairs that have only an upholstered seat.

A large dining room table with chairs.
Reupholster dining room chairs for a refresh (apartmentlifestyle.net)

These are just a few changes you can make to refresh your space for the new year.  Make a resolution now to conquer some of these for a fresh new perspective for 2016.


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