5 Designer Tips for Your Home

A collage of living rooms featuring designer tips.

Designer tips are a great way to inspire your home decorating.  Professional interior designers have spent years honing their skills and putting to practice the various elements of interiors.  These five designer tips merely scratch the surface, but they are important to the foundation of interior design.   When you are lacking inspiration or simply want to know what designers have to offer on the subject, let these words guide you to a stylish home.

Designer tips for a living room with vibrant furniture and rug.
Jonathan Adler interior is fun and fresh (homedit.com)


“Benjamin Franklin said: ‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’  Good storage is the key to a well-designed home” – Kate Watson-Smyth, Interiors Writer

No matter the size of your home, storage is always a top requirement.  The more stylish, the better.  Every room in the home benefits from a little extra storage.  An attractive cabinet can complement a room as well as provide all the storage you need.

Designer tips for a bedroom with blue cabinets and a bed.
An attractive cabinet for ample storage (home-designing.com)

The space under the stairway is a hidden gem.  Take advantage of this generally ignored space to integrate extra storage space.

Designer tips for creating a white living room with storage and a staircase.
Under-stair storage (decoist.com)

Surround the bed with a showcase display cabinet with storage.  This is a handy and stylish solution to space limitations.

Designer tips for a bedroom with a bed and bookshelves.
The bedroom is a great place for added storage (Pinterest)

Create a unique wall shelving unit for the living room to store and display books in grand style.  Not only does this add a feature element to the space, it gives you out-of-the-way storage possibilities.

A modern living room with designer tips for a wooden ceiling.
Unique shelving adds style and function (trendir.com)

Storage furniture is an easy and attractive way to add function to any space.  Storage ottomans are multi-function pieces that can be used as foot rests, coffee tables and additional seating.

Designer tips for a living room with a brown couch and ottoman.
Designer tips suggest storage furniture (HGTV)


“Don’t stop decorating too soon!  The accessories turn a room from drab to fab; they’re the 5-minute facelift of the decorating world.” – Abigail Ahern, Interior Designer

Lively colors in your home - not all of these ideas are overly expensive

Indeed, thinking of accessories as a “5-minute facelift” is an apt description.  Accessories are important to a room, giving it the finishing touches.  However you choose to accent your home, select accessories that speak to you and add something to the overall look.  Jonathan Adler helps you to “accessorize with abandon” with his unique home accessories.

Designer tips for a living room featuring a blue couch and rug.
Jonathan Adler accessories (sophierobinson.co.uk)

The coffee table is a prime place for using accessories.  Create vignettes with books, plants and decorative objects.  Use trays and boxes for added interest and function.

A designer's coffee table styled with a vase and books.
Designer tips declare that accessories make the room (Country Living)

Add some fun and personality to your space with accessories.  Select objects that you truly enjoy and that complement your room.

Designer tips for displaying gold hooks and vases on a table.
Wishbone accessories available at Wayfair.com
Designer tips for a set of brass spheres on a wooden table.
Accessories available at Wayfair.com

Accessorize bookshelves by integrating decorative objects with books.

Designer tips for styling a white shelf with blue and white vases and books.
Accessorize a room to make it yours (HGTV)

The fireplace mantle can be artfully arranged with books, artwork and other accessories.  Change your mantle décor with the seasons.

Designer tips for a living room with a cozy fireplace.
Accessorize the mantle (homedit.com)

Don’t forget the impact of artwork, books and pillows when selecting accessories.

A designer's living room with a couch and chairs.
Accessories add personality to a room (rmz.me)


“Dramatic lighting, whether LUX or minimalist is the crown jewel of any space.  Think OVERSIZED.” – Robin De Groot, Interior Designer

Lighting is an integral part of any design project.  Invest in quality and select lighting that makes a statement.  This is the one area in your home where you can truly give a room functional styling.

Designer tips for a living room with a white couch and yellow chair.
Dramatic lighting enhances this dining space (home-designing.com)

Install a dramatic chandelier in the dining room that is sure to ignite dinner conversation.

Designer tips for a chic dining room featuring a stunning chandelier.
Shimmering lighting adds drama (Interior Design)

Think of lighting as art.  Select a chandelier that speaks to you and adds a special something to your room.

Designer tips for a living room with stylish gray furniture and a beautiful chandelier.
Unique modern lighting in this stylish living room (mydesignchic.com)

Lighting is where you can add a little “bling”.  Select a fixture that is lustrous or dazzling in its display.

Designer tips for a living room with a large chandelier.
Designer tips show that you shouldn’t ignore lighting (digsdigs.com)


“Try to really push your own boundaries.  Your home is the place to experiment and create those wacky ideas you have in your head.  Whatever you do, don’t play it safe!” – Sarah Akwisombe, Interior Writer

Porcelain Flooring 101

Consider your home a blank slate, ready for you to create an interior that is all about you.  Take risks, think outside the box and experiment.  Try out colors you may not have considered.  Mix patterns or upholster a chair in a bold print.  Display quirky artwork or accessories that you love.

Designer tips for a living room adorned with blue and green furniture.
Jonathan Adler interior (Pinterest)

If you want to create a fun and entirely irreverent interior, go for it!

Designer tips for incorporating a tree in the middle of a living room.
Try out your ideas, no matter how bold (xiaguotu-to8to)

Celebrate color by mixing it up.  Install whimsical artwork and unique lighting.

Designer tips for a living room with colorful couches and a fireplace.
Make bold statements in your home (Zillow.com)

Let designers’ work inspire you and take cues from their interiors for how to mix color, pattern and texture for a truly personal aesthetic.

Designer tips: A living room with vibrant curtains and furniture.
Jonathan Adler design (trendir.com)

Experiment with texture, color and pattern.  Try a unique wall treatment.  Express yourself in your interiors.  Layer pieces for cohesion and depth.

Designer tips for a living room with purple couches and a zebra print rug.
Experiment with color and texture (roomdecorideas.eu)

Personal Style

“Your home should reflect your personality, so buy things you can’t bear to walk away from.  It’s better to have bad taste than no taste.” – Charlotte Duckworth, Interiors Expert

If you see a painting, sculpture or piece of furniture that you just can’t imagine living without, bring it home!  You will always find a place for something you truly love.  It’s okay, and even visually appealing, to mix styles and the old and new.

Designer tips for a cozy living room featuring a fireplace and chairs.
Release your personal style with unique objects (HGTV)

If you love a particular painting, hang it up and take inspiration from the piece to decorate a space.

Designer tips for a dining room with a red rug.

Show off pieces you’ve collected over the years from your travels or from scouring flea markets and thrift stores.

Designer tips: A living room with a fireplace and a red coffee table, designed for cozy ambiance.
Incorporate your own personal taste into your décor (1stdibs)

If you like things simple and comfortable, let that be your guide.  Create a space that makes you feel connected to your home.

Designer tips for creating a stylish living room with a couch, chairs, and coffee table.
Keep your design personal with the items that you love (freshome.com)

Show off your eclectic taste.  White walls set off a mixture of styles and colors, giving the space cohesion.

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Designer tips for a living room with colorful rug and chairs.
White is a great backdrop for bursts of color (dorisleslieblau.com)

These designer tips can give you the inspiration and guidance to create a home interior that is uniquely yours.


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