Life-saving storage idea

A garage with ample storage space.

If you are like most people, you probably have far more things in your apartment or house, than space can handle. Especially since the minimalist style of decoration took the lead, and the massive large closets that once occupied the entire wall are no longer in vogue. In which case you are tormented by where to put away the excess stuff like winter or summer clothes when it’s out of season or the excess bedding you keep for guests. Or simply a million little memories you’ve accumulated over the years and don’t want to give them up. We have some great ideas that might help.


Ok, this is not a revolutionary discovery. If you have a garage, you also have storage options. But again, if you’re like most people, that garage may be cluttered without organization, and you’re actually putting far fewer things into it than you could. What you need to do is see where the additional options are.

Two pictures of a garage with a car on top of it showcasing alternative storage solutions.
The space above the car in the garage can be a real empire for storing things

After you have set aside the space used for parking the car, look at where the shelves’ free space is. Remember that it can be all the way to the ceiling, and you need to make as many levels as possible so that you have more space. Some garages are also higher than standard so you can have hanging containers for your belongings.


The space under the stairs is perfect for creating small secret storage rooms. Be sure to close them with doors like closets or make drawers, to make them look beautiful on the outside and not to view cluttered.

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A series of pictures demonstrating various storage options under the stairs, providing ideas on how to maximize storage space.
Most interior stairs offer the possibility of making cabinets under them, and this is mostly not a negligible space

If you have internal stairs, you will undoubtedly be able to transform them into multi-purpose ones. Depending on what kind of construction some stairs allow to smooth the drawers in each staircase, but it seems to be more useful to turn the whole space into a single closet.


Four pictures demonstrating creative ways to get more storage by utilizing a bed with under-bed storage.
You can buy a bed that already has built-in drawers or make a custom platform yourself and get even more space

The space under the bed can also be used as storage. Some types of beds already come with built-in drawers, but you can add them yourself. Individuals choose to make a raised platform under the bed, and some just use the space under the bed for shelves. It all depends on what options the room offers you and what look you want. But no doubt you will get storage space under yours, children’s or any other bed you have.

False wall

Two pictures of a small bathroom with bookshelves.
The biggest advantage of such solutions is that they look elegant on the outside and have a lot of storage space inside

Take advantage of every adjustment you need to make in your apartment. For example, if you need a partition wall between the kitchen and the dining room or living room, make it by hiding storage spaces that will not be visible from the outside. Or make one wall in the room a kind of built-in closet so that everything looks as if you just shortened the room by a few tens of centimeters and make dozens of shelves in it for your goods.

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