Small Space Wet Room Ideas

A wet room is made to be completely waterproof, unlike a typical bathroom, which has designated “wet sections,” where most people would use water-resistant materials like tiling or paneling to prevent water damage.

A wet room will typically have slanted flooring to direct water toward a small drain and sealed floors and walls to stop water from seeping out of the area. Due to this, installing a separate shower tray will only sometimes be necessary for a wet room.

Wet rooms, which are equally practical and aesthetically appealing in today’s bathroom trends, are particularly well-liked when working with a small amount of available space.



 The bathroom looks more stunning and fashionable.



A wet room will make your bathroom look more stunning and fashionable from an aesthetic standpoint. Wet rooms, which are modern and slick in form, provide a freeing showering experience without the restriction of a shower curtain.

We’ll review why you should consider installing a wet room in your house. Wet rooms have many advantages.



The smallest bathrooms. (Photo by istock)

First, wet rooms are a wonderfully practical method to maximize your available space. With a broad bathing area that doesn’t require the installation of any large shower enclosures, you can avoid installing a bathtub in tiny bathrooms and free up the space. Functionality is prioritized in wet room design ideas, transforming even the smallest bathrooms into usable rooms with a spa-like atmosphere.



Left: What we’re very familiar with.                    Right: Good looking and easy to clean!            (Photo by ats.Sydney)

Shower enclosures, notorious for accumulating mold and mildew, are typically not used in wet room design ideas because they would require continuous cleaning. You will likely only need to clean one shower screen, a toilet, and a wall-mounted sink. Your floor space will appear even more generous because it will never be cluttered.

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A wet room is valuable and has a modern, spa-like appearance that follows current bathroom design trends. You can experiment with various color schemes to get the desired aesthetic; for example, you might install a shower screen with industrial-style black fixtures or combine marble tiles with gold accents for a more upscale look.

When correctly planned, a small wet room can raise your house’s value by converting a cramped area into a luxurious yet good shower room.



Wet room designs  (Photo by Interior Decor Designs)


Wet room designs provide an opulent shower in a room that you can customize to be exactly what you need and want it to be. They offer a great deal of freedom and versatility. We offer a range of suites you’ll want to look at, and countless design options are available because of their rising popularity.

In your shower room because wet room concepts typically emphasize minimalism. When used in a small wet room’s design, tiles, marble, mosaic, and terrazzo all look great, especially when the shower area is highlighted using contrasting patterns and colors to divide the space. You may choose a spa-inspired design with underfloor warmers and body jets that massage, or you could want to go for a more industrial design with striking concrete accents.



For those who need a very accessible environment due to limited mobility, such as the elderly, wheelchair users, and disabled individuals, installing a wet room is excellent. A wet room is a safer and more helpful alternative to your traditional bathroom because there is no need for a shower tray, and the flooring is purposefully non-slip.

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 Some additional design ideas (Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Let’s look at some of our favorite wet room design ideas and some of our best bathroom accessory products to give you some additional design ideas.



Rainfall showers Luxury Bathroom (Photo by


Installing a lavish rainfall shower is one of our favorite spa-inspired wet room ideas. Rainfall showers, typically larger than conventional shower heads, produce a constant spray of water down over your head for a revitalizing and refreshing sensation.

Shower heads like our Hudson Reed Rectangular Ceiling Mounted Shower Head are a perfect illustration of the opulent fixtures you could have in a wet room; the streamlined, rectangular shape combined with the enormous number of water holes allows for a reinvigorating rainfall experience, while the stainless steel finish complements any other contemporary-styled accessories.



Installing high-quality tiles is one of our most practical wet room ideas because it is a durable solution that produces a contemporary look. Tiling is a flexible technique that may be adapted to any aesthetic style and is available in various materials and textures.

Tiles work well for drainage and waterproofing, making them a good choice for moist rooms. Since flooring tiles typically have a non-slip surface, they will improve the bathroom’s overall safety.

Grey tiles are currently a popular choice, and by using two different shades, you can create a contrast that will tie the room together. Choose mosaic tiles that extend from floor to ceiling to create the illusion of more space than you have. Our Glass and Stone Natural Mix Mosaic incorporates crisp, clean whites and neutral shades of grey through to beige to bring the classic beauty of natural stone into your bathroom.

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