Decorating with Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases with tags on top of a dresser, used for decorating.

Vintage suitcases are finding more uses in home decorating now more than ever.  They are charming, functional and very stylish.  When using vintage suitcases to style your home, incorporate them in unexpected ways or use them to create unique displays.  You don’t have to be a world traveler to appreciate the character vintage suitcases bring to your home.

Vintage suitcases on a wooden floor.
A vintage bedside table complementing a bed in a room.

In the living room, a stack of vintage suitcases can serve as an end table.  Larger cases can be fashioned into a coffee table.  Fastening a suitcase to a table, or simply attaching furniture legs to the suitcase, makes for an interesting piece of stand-alone furniture.


A vintage suitcase table with a lamp.


Vintage suitcases add charm to a porch while enjoying a cup of tea.
A vintage green suitcase on a table.

In the bedroom, vintage suitcases make for a charming bedside table.  Display them open on a table to hold books, magazines or extra blankets and linens.  Add padding and fabric to the top of suitcases to make a bench for the foot of the bed.

Decorating with stack of suitcases on a bed.
A bedroom with a bed made out of tree trunks, decorated with vintage suitcases.
A vintage suitcase transformed into a stylish sofa for eclectic living room decor.

As general decorative accents, display a collection of vintage suitcases stacked into a corner or artfully arranged.  Create an arrangement of smaller suitcases with other vintage items for a nice addition to cottage-inspired style.

A stack of vintage suitcases in a hallway with a mirror, adding nostalgic charm to the decor.
A stack of vintage suitcases next to a lamp in a hallway.
A living room with antique suitcases serving as unique decorations.

Use several suitcases on bookcases for extra storage.  Store items away in the suitcases, making for a stylish storage option.  To keep your items organized and for easy access, tie suitcase tags on the handles that list the items inside.

A vintage dresser adorned with a myriad of suitcases.
A room with a white dresser and a vintage mirror.

Turn vintage suitcases into functional art by making shelves out of them.  Cut the suitcases in half and mount them on the wall.  Stagger them across the wall at varying heights for maximum impact.  Further the appeal of the suitcases by displaying other vintage items on the shelves.

Warm and Welcoming Winter-inspired Interiors
Decorating with Vintage Suitcases on a Wall

Vintage suitcases offer charm and character to your home.  If you love vintage items, these multi-purpose suitcases will fit well in your home.  Vintage suitcases also blend well with industrial style.  Let your imagination travel for unique and creative ways to display and repurpose vintage suitcases.


Decorating with Stacked Vintage Suitcases
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