7 Ways to Decorate with Things You Already Have 

A living room with colorful furniture and a fireplace.

Decoration can be costly. Although it also depends on your goals and objectives, the budget can get out of hand without notice.

Fortunately, there are endless ways to decorate without spending a dime. Yes, we said it – you can decorate without spending a dime. You’ll need to be creative, though, as repackaging and reorganizing the things you see every day into unique creations to transform the home isn’t easy. The following are seven tips to consider;

1. Declutter

You’re probably thinking that decluttering isn’t a way to decorate. You’re wrong. Decluttering is the first step to interior decoration and typically has the most impact on the home. Decluttering tends to work, especially when in a cramped-up home that feels stale. Rather than add anything new to such a space, it’s better to edit down what you already have.

The easiest way to approach decluttering is to ask of each item – “does this contribute to the story I’m trying to tell?” if it doesn’t, part ways. Also, part ways with all items that don’t spark joy.


2. Display a collection

You’ve been on the hunt for treasured items all your life, collecting designer shoes, watches, artwork, and so much more for years. It’s time to make your efforts count. How do you do that? By displaying your collection for everyone to see, treasure hunt style.

Displaying your collections is an excellent way to personalize any space. One way to do so is to organize them into a single, large collection. Alternatively, scatter your collections throughout the house. Have a few in the bedroom, others in the living room, and the rest spread out through the home.

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display a collection

3. Rearrange the furniture

A simple but easy way to spice things up in your home is to reconsider the layout. Try something different. This works excellently with furniture. Even a minor change such as moving the big sofa a few feet to the right or left can dramatically affect the room’s layout. Alternatively, you can change the direction of the seats. If your sofas initially faced west, try changing them to face east.

Rearrange the furniture 

The same applies in the bedroom. Change the direction of the bed to see if it feels better. Or, more it more central.

4. Replace the lampshades

A new lampshade can change the look of the lamp as well as the look of the room. The best part is that lampshades are relatively affordable. Or, perhaps you have multiple shades that you keep around. If you’re looking to add more warmth to the room, go for bright colors such as orange.

Another way to freshen up your rooms by freshening up the lamps is to install similar lampshades to different lamps with different bases. The different bases make the lamps unique, while the similar shades help tie the décor.

5. DIY re-upholster

Seeing the same colors on your sofas and throughout the home can be tiring. It causes upholstered items to lose their appeal. Even sofas that once shone from the door can begin to look pale and outdated.

One of the best ways to decorate upholstered items is to re-upholster. The best part – you can DIY the entire process! Just make sure not to tackle more than you can handle. We recommend starting with simple frames and a minimal amount of upholstery. Picking the right upholstery can transform even drab sofas and chairs into Victorian Secret-level steals.

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DIY re-upholster 

6. Move around the accessories

A common mistake we tend to make in interior décor is assuming that all accessories are room-specific. For instance, we imagine that bed throws must never find a way to the sitting room and living room carpets are strictly for the living room.

Wrong! You’re at liberty to move accessories around to freshen up your home. Feel free to rework those decorative pillows in your bedroom by styling them on the sofa. You can also bring the table lamp from the bedroom to the living room. Moving these items around can really change the feel of the room.

7. Display everyday items as art

Finally, another simple way to decorate with what you have is to turn everyday items into works of art. For instance, leaning your cutting boards against the backsplash may not seem like much. But it can make a massive difference under the right conditions. The same applies when you put your jewelry on display in the bedroom.

cutting boards against the backsplash
cutting boards against the backsplash

If you love books, you can also create a small library by displaying your hardcover book collection in a tablescape. A vignette from family photos would also a long way. These are items you don’t have to buy.


Yes, you can decorate your home with everyday items. Indeed, there are many ways to decorate with items you already have. All you need is the urge to try new ideas.

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