6 Ways To Use A Chest Of Drawers At Home 

A white chest of drawers in a bedroom with a bird cage.

A chest drawer is one of the most functional storage furniture you could have in your home. With their excellent functionality, you can store anything you want to keep clutter out of plain sight. Moreover, there are plenty of great designs available to choose from over the traditional look of a chest drawer and allow it to be modern and unique.  

Since there is plenty of chest drawers variation today, it’s wise that you won’t find yourself in trouble with Choosing the perfect chest of drawers for your home. With the right piece, you can allow it to function as it’s supposed to be while also keeping you happy with how it blends well with your home. As you now have the perfect drawers, you might be wondering how you can use them effectively. Moreover, listed below are the tips to use them at home:  

As A Bedside Table

Most people use a chest of drawers to store their folded clothes as they help keep your pieces of clothing in their neat condition for as long as possible. Along with this, it also helps to make shirt finding easier, as you’ll be able to sort them out according to purpose and style. With the benefits that it brings to your clothes, putting them in your bedroom would always be a great idea.  

If you have a small bedroom space, doubling a chest of drawers as your bedside table would always be a great idea. You can either use a regular-length drawer or go for a smaller one. Just ensure that you choose an appropriate height that’s slightly higher than your bed frame to ensure comfortability once you need to reach out to some things. Also, you can even use a standard bedside table with a drawer to maximize storage options for your home. 

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A Mini Vanity Mirror

Having a vanity mirror in your room would always be convenient, especially if you like to prepare yourself before leaving home. While having a regular table and chair would come in handy, using a chest of drawers as your vanity table would provide plenty of storage options. While you might not have a comfortable seating position since it has no legroom, you can always consider standing up, great for on-the-go fix-ins.  

When using a chest of drawers as your vanity table, ensure that you hang a mirror on top of it so that you can fully maximize storage and look at yourself all at once. With a vanity table, you can choose to place everything you need inside. However, you can always put some on top of the dresser for a quick touch-up. To provide a softer feel, you can add faux fur on top of it, allowing yourself to truly feel the presence of having a vanity inside your home.  

Accent Table

Having an accent table near your doorway would always be a great idea to leave out space in the foyer, along with having a quick way to grab and drop your keys as you come inside. While an accent table would usually come in tall and plain, using a chest of drawers would always be a great idea. This way, you can have a beautiful piece inside your home and allow for maximum storage space.  

As you choose to use a chest of drawers as your accent table, it would help if you could go for a narrow type to allow it to function as to how it’s supposed to be. Moreover, you can take advantage of the storage space by placing things you usually wear or use before leaving home. You could store some pairs of gloves, scarves, towels, and more.  

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Coffee Nook

For households that enjoy having a cup of coffee every morning, having a coffee nook would be a dream come true. There’s no better feeling than having a dedicated coffee corner, wherein you can quickly make coffee and surround yourself with everything related to coffee. You can also have an espresso machine and let yourself play with various flavors fitting your perfect taste.  

To enjoy coffee at home, having a chest of drawers would be helpful for your kitchen. You can use the top to place your coffee makers or espresso machines, along with some pump syrups, if you have one. You can put some non-spill condiments for your drawers, such as packets of sugar, instant coffee sachets, and coffee pods. For your other drawers, you can use them to store your mugs and other coffee tools.  

Kitchen Island

Having a large kitchen with no kitchen island might take up too much space, giving yourself plenty of room to move around but fewer areas to keep your kitchen tools with you. To maximize what your kitchen can do, using a chest of drawers as your alternative to the kitchen island would be ideal and economical.  

Installing a kitchen island can be expensive, especially if you need to replace the entire countertop for a seamless flow. However, with a chest of drawers, all you need to do is to consider its width and height, and it should act as an attractive piece in your kitchen. You can choose to coat it with waterproof paint so you can avoid the mess of any kitchen spills. With a chest of drawers, you can use the place for extra storage to store your utensils, spice, and tools.  

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Storage For Office Supplies

Whether you’re working from home or have some kids into arts and crafts, you should consider having a chest of drawers as your new storage area. It would be a place wherein you can store and organize any office supplies without worrying about crumpling and folding any piece of paper.  

With a chest of drawers, you can label each drawer according to its purpose and type. You can mark them for papers, pens, measuring, coloring, and more. Alternatively, you can even designate a drawer for each person, especially if you’re mixing office and school supplies in a single piece of furniture.  

A wooden chest of drawers in a room with a green wall.

The Verdict

A chest of drawers is more than bedroom furniture. If you choose the right design and size, it should go well with any room, allowing your entire home to maximize any storage area as much as possible. To promote a proper organization, ensure that you place similar things in a single drawer, so you won’t have trouble finding the stuff inside your home.

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