What Is the Best Bathroom Vanity Height for You?

A collection of bathroom vanities and sinks.

It’s not vanity to want a bathroom vanity that’s the perfect height for you. Yes, a “standard height” for cabinets exists, but you don’t have to settle for it if it’s not easy for you to use!

Keep in mind that the ideal bathroom vanity will be about level with your hips.

What’s the Standard?

Until about a decade ago, the standard bathroom vanity stood at a height of 32 inches. The reason that each vanity was so low is that manufacturers wanted children to be able to reach the sink without too much difficulty.

A dual sink vanity with mirrors.

Of course, these relatively short bathroom vanities require many adults to stoop down. As a result, taller individuals might rush a little whenever they’re brushing their teeth, washing their hands, or taking care of other hygiene-related tasks. Consequently, they might be somewhat more susceptible to tooth decay, germs, and other problems.

Not to mention, all of that straining and bending over just isn’t safe. In fact, over time, it can lead to pain in the lower back, neck, hips, and other places.

A bathroom with a unique sink and mirror to add character.
An old trough becomes a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity (vida.design)

Currently, it’s more common for a bathroom vanity to be 36 inches in height. A vanity that size has an appropriate name; it’s called a comfort height vanity. By the way, the typical kitchen cabinet these days is also 36 inches tall.

Getting a Replacement

Unfortunately, for some people, even comfort height vanities are too low. For some other people, they’re a little too high.

At this point, maybe you’ve decided to replace your bathroom vanity. If so, the good news is that there’s a wide range of vanities on the market. The design of your dreams is out there waiting for you, and affordable options are plentiful as well.

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A bathroom with a unique white dresser and mirror to add character.
A beautiful buffet is transformed into a unique bathroom vanity (salvagesecretdesign)

However, before you go shopping, be sure to measure the space in your bathroom. Otherwise, you could end up with a vanity that won’t fit. Note that a double vanity will probably be 5 to 6 feet wide while a single vanity is likely to be 3 to 4 feet in width.

In addition, it’s wise to consult a plumber before you change vanities. That way, you’ll be certain that there aren’t any plumbing issues that would make a particular type of vanity unsuitable for your bathroom.

Accommodating Different People

What should you do if the members of your household have extreme differences in height? Well, a floating vanity might be the right bathroom fixture for you. It’s a handy device that you can lower and raise at will.

A bathroom with two unique sinks and a mirror to add character.
Weathered wood-front bathroom vanity (decorpad)

On the other hand, if your home has more than one bathroom, you could install vanities with varying heights. This plan works especially well in a residence where each person has a bathroom of his or her own.

A modern bathroom with unique wooden sink and shower vanities to add character.
Sleek and modern bathroom vanity (dekrisdesign)

If you have children living with you, you might set aside a bathroom just for them, one with a low vanity. Another idea is to equip each of your bathrooms with a stepladder or a stool, one that’s specifically designed for kids to use.

In the end, when you have a vanity that’s comfortable for you, your bathroom enjoyment will increase exponentially.

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