8 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Choose Marble as the Main Material for Your Kitchen

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Reasons abound as to why it is wise to adorn your kitchen with marble countertops and kitchen islands, and one reason is that marble indeed is one of the most beautiful natural stones you could ever find in this world.

It elicits a refined grandeur that you would seldom get from other materials. This makes it a wise choice for kitchen countertops and kitchen islands. But the most convincing reason is a pragmatic reason — it lasts longer than a lifetime.

Hence, if money is not a problem, you should not think twice in outfitting your kitchen with exquisite marble countertop and kitchen islands.

There are other reasons why marble is the ideal material to spruce up your kitchens. Aside from the above-mentioned reasons, here are some additional reasons that should readily convince you to opt for it:

  1.   Marble is Definitely Cool

Marble bar and stools.

Even in extremely warm temperatures during the year, marble usually stays cool. This quality makes it ideal for a working surface within the kitchen. It is also best for rolling dough and making pastries since it does not absorb heat.

  1.   It Gives Your Kitchen a Luxurious Appearance

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Marble is timeless and remarkably exquisite in appearance. It sports a nice glossy surface that is hard to equal. Its impeccable whiteness also provides unmatched elegance that leaves a lasting impression.

  1.   It is Easy to Cut and Shape

A kitchen with marble floors and a marble island.

It may appear to be hard and durable, but it is actually easier to shape than other rocks like diorite and granite. It is easier, therefore, to fashion it into a good design as compared to other materials. Moreover, the risk of chipping and damage of marble is less as compared to other materials.

  1.   It is Definitely Heat Resistant
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A white marble kitchen with a large island.

Marble can surely withstand heat and can handle a hot pot quite easily without cracking. It does not easily catch fire nor get scorched. Moreover, the melting point of marble is around 1,300-1,500 degrees Celsius, and for this reason you need not really worry about it being damaged by intense heat.

  1.      It is Scratch-Resistant and Cut-Resistant

A large marble kitchen.

Other materials for countertops are more susceptible of scratches and cuts, but marble is not. You can even cut or chop on it without causing any chips or damage on its surface.

  1.   It Blends Well with Wood

It is not unusual to see awesome countertops and kitchen islands that blend well with wood, for wood and marble readily fuse together to create an exquisite kitchen design.

  1.  It Comes in Various Colors

Marble is definitely a material meant to produce a classic effect. It can be fashioned into various designs and is very versatile. Moreover, it comes in different colors of gray, yellow, black, green, and pink. It also has subtle patterns with highly apparent veins.

  1.   It is Easy to Clean

Marble countertops and kitchen islands are easy to clean. You simply need to use a soft damp cloth mixed with mild soap or a soft sponge with warm water to wipe away the stains and etchings on its surface. Lastly, you can have it sealed to give it added protection against stains and scratches.

Marble backsplash and gold pendant lights in a kitchen.

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