Knitted Home Décor For A Softer Touch


One of the most wonderful ways to add texture to your home and turn up the levels of cosiness, is to introduce knitted decor to your interior design scheme. Soft to touch, warming, and simply stunning, knitted home decor will give your home a timeless Scandinavian inspired look.

Simple addition of one knitted cushion and a small plant can bring so much life to your bedroom (

Singluar knitted items can even work in minimal homes. Stay within your simple colour palette for a texturised and comforting accent.

Mix up knitted wool with purled and crocheted yarns for more texture and and variation (

Lighter and neutral coloured wool can contribute to an earthy and rustic interior style. There’s more you can do with wool that create cushion covers, so shop and make creatively.

Whites, creams, beiges and lots of supersoft textures create the perfect backdrop for your dreams (

If you’re a creative sort, you can create a beautiful snuggly bed throw with a simple chunky knit that’s perfect for beginners.
Combining sizes and styles of knits creates a wonderful variation of soft textures (

A smaller wool and tighter knit will look more textured and impacting with a stunning but traditional cable pattern.

Muted rainbow tones look fantastic as accents in simple colour palettes (

Knits don’t just come in neutral colours. A simple cable knit in a rainbow of colours or a complicated Fair Isle pattern can bring real creativity into your interior design.

Detailed knit is a popular feature of winter homes. You can use these fun framed knits year round or as holiday decorations (

Knitted features that are framed and act as decorative pieces without any particular function, are sweet and charming ways to add a unique and soft touch to your décor without altering your furniture.

Funky knitted bean bag covers bring unusual shapes and quirkiness so a simple and minimal home (

Luxury and high end knitted home decor is widely available for those of us who want interior design with a professional and quirky finish.

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