Determining the Perfect Size of Your RV Memory Foam Mattress

A woman sitting on a mattress in front of an RV, determining the perfect size of your memory foam mattress.

If you love camping, you need a proper vehicle and gear to make your trips comfortable and safe. The mattress is an integral part of this setup. Sleeping in an RV isn’t pleasurable unless you choose the right type of mattress. Regular mattresses lack the quality, thickness, and firmness to ensure a comfortable sleep.

RV memory foam mattress, on the other hand, comes with all these features and much more. However, their size is still an important point to consider. Follow this guide to choose the right sizing in your RV mattress.

Twin Size

Small RVs come with compact twin beds that fit smaller spaces. You can find twin RV mattresses measuring 28×75 to 40×80 inches to fit these beds. It mostly depends on the available space in your vehicle. You may place the mattresses as a bunk or side by side. Even if your RV has tables that convert into small twin beds, these mattresses will fit the space snugly.

Truck Size

If you have a larger RV, go for truck-size RV mattresses that are used in the semi-trucks. The size of these mattresses ranges from 35×79 to 42×80 inches. Due to their longer measurements, they are perfect for tall campers or those who have a pet to sleep with them.

Bunk Size

Depending on the layout of your RV or camper van, you can choose the right type of bunk mattresses. However, their sizes may vary from 28×75 to 35×75 inches. These mattresses are ideal for family-friendly RVs where you need extra beds for children. In case you cannot find a bunk-size RV mattress, opt for custom sizes for the perfect fit.

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Three Quarter Size

If your RV has beds larger than bunk or twin size, you need a three-quarter RV memory foam mattress. These are typically used in smaller vehicles that do not have sufficient space for a full-size bed. The mattresses may measure up to 48×75 inches to accommodate two children comfortably.

Full Size

By measuring 53×75 inches, full-size RV mattresses are slightly smaller in width when compared to regular mattresses used in homes. They can comfortably accommodate an adult sleeper, including those with long legs. You may find full-size mattresses with fold out couches as well for your camper van.

Queen Size

RVs typically have a short queen size mattress that’s at least 5 inches shorter than regular mattresses. They measure 60×75 inches and are perfect for two adult sleepers. Due to their quick measurements, you can fit a queen size RV mattress, even in compact spaces.

King Size

If you travel with your family, buying a king-size RV mattress is a smart choice. By measuring 72×75 to 72×80 inches, these mattresses can accommodate two adults and one child or four small children comfortably. If you have a pop-up camper van, you may buy two king-size mattresses for both the sides and enjoy a family camping trip.

Remember, space is often restricted inside an RV or camper van. Measure your van and bed size beforehand to choose the perfect mattress. Prioritize your needs according to your comfort levels and budget. Some mattresses are suitable for families, while others are fit for tall sleepers. The choice depends on your specific requirements.

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