Different Ways of Using Room Dividers

A living room with bookshelves serving as a room divider.

When you think of room dividers an attractive image of a particular room does not come to mind. Some of us think that they can make a room ugly. Well, this is not the case. If room dividers are used appropriately then there is a high chance that your room will look beautiful and will have a different dimensions. Room dividers are used particularly to define different zones. Room dividers are used in an airy open plan space. They act as a separator in a room but they do not spoil the uncluttered look of your room.

You can use vertical panels

A living room with orange walls.
This pink and yellow vertical panel room divider gives a room a lively look.

By using colourful vertical panels you can make an eye-catching retractable wall as a room divider. When panels are opened or in other words when the track is extended beyond the recess, they can easily be stacked out of the view and will leave the doorway uncluttered.

Opaque glass is another alternative

A man walks past two glass room divider doors in an office.
This opaque glass room divider gives a modern look.

Opaque glass is a convenient room divider for a bedroom and ensuite. They also let the light filter through. Opaque glass as a divider can be used with an elegant sliding door.

Usage of folding screen

A circular room divider.
Folding screen is a traditional way to divide a room.

The most traditional way of dividing a room is by using folding screen which separates or hides areas and prevents draughts.

Use open shelving

A living room with bookshelves serving as a room divider.
Add a touch of elegance and contemporary look by using open shelving as room divider.

Open shelving can be used as a room divider, plus this type of divider can also play a role of decorating a room. If it has a fine finishing on both sides then it makes an amazing display and a see-through screen.


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