The Top 4 Hard Wood Alternatives

A kitchen with pink cabinets and a center island featuring hard wood alternatives.

Any homeowner and contractor will tell you that the floor is one of the most beaten-up places in a house. It’s constantly being used, stepped on, spilled on and scratched. Over years this can cause major amounts of damage, especially in the areas that receive the most traffic, like the entrance, stairs, and near kitchen appliances. If you have furniture that moves when used or have switched furniture several times throughout the year, then there are chances the floors in those areas have gotten scratched… but what is a homeowner supposed to do? Wooden floors are beautiful but require lots of maintenance.  In order to keep your home looking beautiful, Home Styler has found the top 4 hard wood alternatives.

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A kitchen with alternative hard wood floors and a bar area.


Cork:First, you’ll want to know that this isn’t the same material as the cork you use to pin messages onto. This is more durable than that. Cork also has the added reassurance of being eco-friendly, as the harvesting process only takes part of the tree, allowing more to grow and be harvested the following year. This is perfect in opposition to hard wood flooring that requires the entire removable and use of a tree. Cork is also a contender for those with allergies or prone to spilling things, as it doesn’t hold onto dust or liquids.


Bamboo: Bamboo is another hard wood alternative, and is beloved by many since it has similarities with wooden surfaces. Like cork, it is water-resistant and bug-resistant. This is also raved for being eco-friendly as the root stays in tact during harvesting, letting it continue to grow. Besides that, they also grow at a fairly quick rate and reach maturity within a few years, unlike hard wood.

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Ceramic: This material has gained lots of popularity over the years. Many are using it as a hard wood alternative since it is extremely durable, only cracking if something very heavy falls onto it. It is also easy to clean and comes in a variety of styles and colors, making it viable for any room design.


Concrete: Of course, if you have small children or family members that are prone to falling, this may not be the best option for you. Despite that, this is a very durable material that is pretty resistant to stains and wear. This can also be stained to make it one-of-a-kind to match any room. 


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