Repurposed Light Fixtures – 22 Unique Light Fixture

A repurposed light fixture featuring wine glasses.

It’s all about recycling, upcycling and repurposing in today’s decorative world, in an age when “what’s old is new again” is the mantra.  Let’s take a look at ways to upcycle ordinary objects into works of functional art.  Here are 20 unique repurposed lighting fixtures to add a statement piece to your home.

Unique Light Fixture

The kitchen is the perfect place to start for inspiration.  Everyday ordinary objects and utensils can be repurposed into unique lighting fixtures.  Before you throw out those old mismatched flatware pieces or broken china, consider these options for turning them into something original for your home.  Instead of simply throwing bottles into the recycling bin, consider other uses for them, like a one-of-a-kind chandelier.

A repurposed chandelier made of spoons hanging from the ceiling.
Repurposed light fixture from spoons (lushome)
Three repurposed pendant lights hanging on a wall.
Repurposed colanders as light fixtures (ecarlateblush)
A repurposed blue light fixture hanging above a green wall.
Mason jars are repurposed into a charming chandelier (ccdesigntech)
A unique chandelier made out of repurposed plates and utensils.
Smashed pottery repurposed into a unique light fixture (awesomeinventions)
Repurposed light fixture with a basket of 22 unique lights hanging from it.
A wire crate repurposed into a light fixture (shadesoflight)
A repurposed light fixture made of beer bottles hanging from a brick wall.
Bottles transformed into a repurposed light fixture (Pinterest)
A repurposed chandelier made from wine corks hanging in a room.
Corks repurposed into a light fixture (decoist)
A group of repurposed glass bottles hanging from a ceiling, creating 22 unique light fixtures.
Crystal decanters make stunning repurposed light fixtures (Pendants by Lee Broom)
A repurposed wooden crate with 22 unique light fixtures hanging from it.
Old crate paired with Edison bulbs in this repurposed light fixture (blog.paulmichaelcompany)

Items you have around the house or those that you can pick up in bulk at the flea market may appear to be random objects, but when combined for a unique purpose, are transformed.  Scour the attic, the storage shed and the garage to imagine new ideas for old items.

A unique, repurposed light fixture illuminating a room.
Plastic crates repurposed into a colorful light fixture (
A repurposed chandelier with three unique bells hanging from it.
Musical instruments repurposed into unique light fixture (lushome)
A repurposed ceiling fan hanging from a ceiling in a room.
Old fan repurposed into a light fixture (ccdesigntech)
A unique light fixture hanging from a wall.
Lock plates repurposed to make a unique lighting fixture (oldgloryantiques.blogspot)
Two repurposed lamps hanging from a chain - unique light fixtures.
Gramophones used to create light fixtures (inhabitat)
A repurposed light fixture with 22 unique wooden chandelier lights.
Shoe molds repurposed into a dazzle light fixture (uniquejunktique)

Sporting equipment and bicycles are great tools for repurposing.  Unused or retired pieces of equipment can be easily mounted and wired to become sources of unique light.  Bicycle parts can be repurposed into steampunk lighting creations for the modern home.

A unique light fixture repurposed with skis.
Snow skis repurposed into a light fixture (parkerhouse-designs)
A Repurposed Light Fixture: A bicycle wheel hanging from a ceiling.
Bicycle wheel repurposed into a modern light fixture (hometalk)
An intriguing repurposed light fixture - a large metal ball hanging from a ceiling.
Bicycle gears repurposed to make a unique lighting fixture (boredpanda)

Old auto parts and farming equipment give a rustic edge to interior lighting that look great in industrial style homes.  Before you send those old parts taking up space in the garage or hanging around in the barn to the scrap yard, consider repurposing them into a brilliant light fixture for your home.

The Front Porch – An Extension of Your Home
A repurposed light fixture made from a metal wheel.
Cast iron flywheel repurposed as a lighting fixture (Pinterest)
Two repurposed light fixtures hanging in a room.
Springs and rims repurposed into light fixtures (flickr)

There is much to be said about repurposing.  It saves resources and money, and the end result is one-of-a-kind pieces.  If you don’t wish to create them yourself, hire a lamp shop to create something for you or sell your scrap at flea markets or consignment shops for others to use.  This way, you are doing something good for the environment while clearing your space and giving others a chance to create something unique.


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