White Living Rooms Can Both Dazzle and Soothe The Senses

soothing white living room
white living rooms combine traditional with contemporary elements (www.wilderland.co)

White living rooms can be a fantastic addition to your home. White is wonderful! It can dazzle the eye with brilliance.  Conversely, it can be calm, serene, and soothing.

White offers an interesting juxtaposition. It can be traditional or contemporary. Additionally, it can be uncluttered or fussy.  Of course, this design choice should be a reflection of your personal style and taste.

And what a statement you can make when you use white as the basis for your living room!

You can showcase treasured art pieces. Also, you can set the stage for graphic colors. Or, you can choose monochromatic white to create a zen-like space.

When you choose to decorate your living room in white, you are the artist holding a blank canvas in your hands.  Therefore, use your vision for your white living room when you select furnishings, textiles, accessories, and artwork.

I am sharing examples of white living rooms that reflect distinct personality.  Without a doubt, each room reflects the taste, charm, and character.

Today’s white is not bland or boring.  In fact, modern whites often have a tinge of gray, blue, or blush to soften the effect and soothe your nerves.  On the other hand, you can choose stark, bright whites that dazzle and stimulate your senses.

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Below, the first two rooms have a distinct contemporary feel.  Yet each has a distinct personality.

First, I have an example which features birch white walls.  Black floor mouldings and gray and black furnishings give this room an edgy vibe.  The pop of red from the chair adds an unexpected burst of color to keep the room feeling lively.

birch white living room with pop of red (www.homedit.com)

This second room is an ash white.  Also, because of the black window trim, it feels contemporary. However, traditional furnishings invite you to sit and relax.  And it has an organic feel from the pop of green in the carpet and the wood flooring.


ash white living room with traditional furniture (www.design-milk.com)

Sometimes designers choose stark white to keep a minimalist feel.  Especially, this is true in cases where the room has an extraordinary view.  In some cases, this is the best design choice.

minimalist white to capture the outdoor view (www.dilageri.com)
minimalist white to capture the outdoor view (www.dilageri.com)

In addition, designers use a minimalist design plan to make use of fantastic light.  In contrast to the amazing view in the prior picture, this designer highlighted frosted white windows that blur away the outside.  This room feels like an escape to luxury. In keeping with the modern design, the white oversized chairs are traditional in form but paired with modern white lucite tables.  Also, the greenery adds organic texture to this room.

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white living rooms feature traditional chairs
white furnishings complement the white wall treatment (www.messagenote.com)

Just as some white living rooms are very contemporary, others are a blend of contemporary, modern pieces and traditional comfort.  This room is painted a blush-white, the ever so light touch of pink lends warmth to the space.  Furnishings have clean, modern lines, but have comfortable pillows that invite you to stay and enjoy the space. Also, the blush-white shade is repeated in the pillows and sofa.

White Living Rooms can Be inviting
white living rooms can be inviting (www.lukeobrien.com)


Our next living room combines great light from the skylight with stark white walls and trim. Also note the white fireplace.  This design combines true white with wood elements. Despite the white walls and furnishings, the wood gives this space an inviting, appealing, and cozy feel.

white living rooms warmed up by the fireplace
white living room with white fireplace (www.decoratingfiles.com)


To achieve the same open effect, other color walls can be combined with white features. For examples, these are a very soft gray.  Also, the area rug is a soft gray. However, the window mouldings and contemporary furnishings are white and chrome.  The furniture is placed at an angle giving the white prominence in this layout.  As a result, it gives the same open feel as the white walls while softening the look of the space.

white living rooms - furniture
soft gray walls with white furniture (www.myfancyhouse.com)

And in the next example, the wood floors are white washed and combined with a similar soft gray. White accent pieces dot the room with an elegant appeal. Additionally, the designer added mirrors to give the room a brighter and larger feel.  Thus, you achieve that same feeling as the true white rooms.

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white wood floors and trim with gray walls               (www.arcadianhome.com)

Finally, a traditional living room features blush white walls and true white trims.  Also, traditional furniture pieces are slip covered in white.   This room feels airy and cozy at the same time.

traditional living room in white (www.countryliving.com)

In conclusion, consider a white living room as a staple to your home.  Whether you choose white wall treatments, furnishings, or accents, you will have a fresh look when you incorporate white into your design.



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