Container Gardening: Farm To Table Freshness In Even The Smallest Space

Tomatoes growing in a container garden.

Container gardening is a fun, easy way to garden.  Whether you are a beginning or experienced gardener, you will love the farm to table freshness.

Planting in a container requires minimal space.  Therefore, even those with even the tiniest yard can take advantage of fresh foods.

When selecting a place for a container garden consider a few factors.  First, note whether your planting space is sunny, shady, or a mix. Next, make sure you are selecting a space close to water. Finally, read your seed packets to select seeds that are suitable to the amount of sunlight.

You need to consider what type of planter or container you will use.  Of course, you can utilize traditional clay pots. Also, you can purchase stacking containers (shown below) or deck rail planters. However, you can be imaginative. I have seen planters made out of baskets, birdbaths, unused hot tubs, and a restored bicycle (shown below). The sky’s the limit!

A container gardening planter with lettuce and other vegetables.
Stacking Container Gardening system assembles in minutes! (


A bicycle with flowers in the basket.
Upcycled! Rusted Bike Turned Into A Planter (

In very small spaces, consider a simple vertical wall container garden. As shown below, this is a charming addition to your patio.

A container garden on a wooden pallet.
Vertical Container Garden Features a Rustic Looking Pallet (

Of course, what you plan to grow dictates the type of container you will use. Carrots, onions, and potatoes need a deeper pot.  On the other hand, lettuce and herbs grow quite nicely in shallow planters.

Fortunately, herb gardens are easy to grow. That’s great news for the novice gardener. Many herbs grow well with full sun to mixed sun.  Also, they are hardy and weed resistant. The herbs most easily grown in herb containers are basil, mint, oregano, parsley, thyme, and rosemary.

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Three container gardening pots with herbs on a wooden table.
Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme in TerraCotta Pots (
Container gardening with basil plants in a pot.
sweet basil in a deck container (

In addition, herbs are essential in farm to table cooking.  You can use herbs to flavor sauces, salsas, and soups. Or, you can create tasty dressings.  Also, you can infuse vinegar or oil with herbs.  This adds even more flavor to your cooking. And, they have some medicinal uses.  The list goes on and on!

You also have permission to use herbs to prepare pre-dinner cocktails.  Mojito anyone?

Also, the versatile strawberry plant thrives in a container garden.  Unlike tree fruits, the mighty little strawberry bears fruit fairly quickly. The Everbearing variety grows quickly. And we all love fast results!

A container with plants growing in it.
Strawberries Planted in a Half Whiskey Barrel (

Also consider planting your salad!  Both lettuce and kale can be grown in shallow containers. However, these plants both prefer cooler temperatures.  Fortunately, this gives two planting seasons–late spring and early fall.

A garden with potted plants, showcasing container gardening.
Lettuce In A Bird Bath (

In addition to lettuce, spice up your salad with green onions!  They are very easy to grow. In fact, you will enjoy them in your farm to table cooking in only 45 days.

Container gardening: A clay pot with a variety of green plants.
Green Onions Grow to Harvest in 45 Days (

And I’ve saved the most popular container garden vegetable for last.

The tomato is a universal favorite.  Perhaps best known for sauces and salsas, the tomato is a treat.  Also, the tomato is a terrific garnish on a sandwich or a salad.

This container garden staple grows well in a traditional clay pot.  Add support by adding a trellis for it to climb.

A container gardening tomato plant on a deck.

However, the most fun way to grow the tomato is upside down.  Also known as tumbler tomatoes, these are beautiful.  Surely, your neighbors will ask what you are growing. Additionally, they can hang wherever you can find a sunny nook.

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Tomatoes growing in a container garden.
Tumbler Tomatoes Spill Out Of A Hanging Container (

In conclusion, use your imagination. Find unique planters. Remember that farm to table freshness is easily grown in a container garden.

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