Space-saving Solutions for Small Homes

A living room with space-saving bookshelves and a sofa.

Good things come in small packages and your home is no exception.  Living large in a small space is all about utilizing every bit of space to the maximum.  Space-saving solutions for small homes begin with smart storage, a bit of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking thrown in for good measure.

A space-saving entryway table with a mirror and two ottomans.          A living room with space-saving solutions and a couch.

A small space feels safe and comforting.  Instead of fighting a small space, embrace it.  Furnish your small space with multi-tasking pieces, such as storage benches and ottomans.  These can double as extra seating when needed and can be tucked underneath tables to save space.  Garden stools serve as convenient extra seating and can double as side tables.

A white kitchen with space-saving solutions.          A kitchen with blue walls and white appliances featuring space-saving solutions.

In a tight kitchen, take off top cabinet doors or use shelves in lieu of cabinets to make the space appear more open.  Invest in risers and adjustable shelves for lower cabinets to make full use of storage space.

A room with a bench that incorporates space-saving solutions.          A space-saving room with a desk and a curtain.

In the bedroom, take off the closet door and hang fabric panels or roman shades instead.  Use the same fabric as the windows to keep the look uniform.  Without a door on the closet, you gain the space that is left for the open door.

Instead of using a nightstand, build a tall armoire next to the bed that can double as a night table and extra storage for clothing.  Wall lamps can be mounted on the side next to the bed for task lighting.

Place the bed on risers to gain more storage space underneath.  The extra space can be hidden with a bed skirt.

Space-saving storage boxes on a table.          A white dresser with space-saving solutions including baskets and a mirror.

Consider every space a possibility for additional storage, including the walls.  Install shelving and use baskets or other decorative containers for neatly storing items.  Turn pieces meant for another purpose into extra storage options, such as a wine rack for a towel holder or magazine rack.

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Take a look around your space and assess everything with a new eye.  There are space-saving solutions waiting to be discovered.





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