5 Ways the Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair Can Make Your Living Room Look Great

A living room with a black Eileen Gray Bibendum chair and a glass table.

Designed in 1929, the Eileen Gray Bibendum Armchair remains popular for nearly a century, and with a good reason. Its artistic shape creates a strong focal point, while the quality construction ensures sitting comfort. Whether you’re creating a man cave or a delicate, feminine interior, here are 5 ways the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair can make your living room look great:


A contemporary accent piece


Contemporary interiors are sleek, space-economic and practical. However, the bold schemes such as black/gray require a touch of color and versatility in design. Without a colorful accent, a geometric, neutral space may appear heavy and monotonous. The Eileen Gray Bibendum chair adds color and versatility without battling for attention. It lightens the ambiance of the living room with color and form, introducing not only a touch of boldness but also comfort.

A modern living room with black furniture featuring Eileen Gray Bibendum Chairs.

Rustic appeal to your chic decor

You don’t have to sacrifice your taste for retro for the sake of a contemporary ambiance. The beige Eileen Gray chair, coordinated with the color of your wooden floors, creates a blend of retro and modern that’s pleasant and comforting. At the same time, the warm beige accent creates a welcoming environment that noticeably doesn’t require a TV or electronics to invite for a pleasant conversation. When not entertaining, you’ll enjoy your lone time reading in your favorite comfortable chair.

A living room with bookshelves, a couch, and Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair.

A dark highlight

There’re many advantages to a light-colored interior. The bright walls open up space, while warm hardwood floors warm it up, creating a soothing atmosphere. So, why not contrast the surroundings with a bold, black, Eileen Gray Bibendum chair? Every space benefits from a contrast piece that breaks the pattern just a little bit, but still ‘gets along’ with surrounding elements. A black accent is a smart choice to add originality to space while creating a dedicated setting to read and browse through magazines.

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A living room with bookshelves and a blue chair, featuring the iconic Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair.

Warm to your monochrome

Introduce a white Eileen Gray Bibendum chair into a small studio, and you’ll gain a soft complementary piece that balances out the overall vibe. When you have a ‘lot going on’ in your space, and you’re using bold contrasts to create a cohesive, multipurpose blend, you can add a functional piece for extra sitting space without visually crowding the ambiance.

A black and white bedroom with a large painting on the wall featuring an Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair.

Harmonious pastel ambiance

For a small, but warm and welcoming space, pairing a white and a beige Eileen Gray Bibendum chair gives you an all-in-one design: the ambiance is bright, soothing, and welcoming, yet original and fashionable. A couple of staple accessories are sufficient to enrich the space while preserving a minimalist vibe. One chair to match your walls and the other that ‘goes’ with the shade of your floors is a charming but safe strategy to practice creativity. The neutral color base is a great setting for elaborate accents, like modern coffee tables, lighting, and coffee table decor.

A living room with wooden floors and an Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair.

Whether your living room is bold and contemporary, or warm and old-spirited, the Bibendum chair introduces a sense of harmony and eclectic charm. Its eye-catching, highly adjustable form complements every style and color scheme.

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