Winter Floral Arrangements

Winter floral arrangements featuring daffodils and pine cones on a wooden table.

The most important part of any winter floral arrangement is the colors that you choose. You’ll mostly want to stick with cooler colors, like blue, green or purple. These should be in duller hues, with maybe one of them brighter to add some vibrancy. You can also pull in silver or white to add a neutral aspect that will give the eyes a place to rest. If you choose to use warm colors, like red, yellow or orange, then finding flowers in the richer versions of these are best. You don’t want anything extremely bright, rather, enough to bring “light” to the room.

Lavender is a wonderful plant that adds height to any arrangement. They are also a nice shade that adds some vitality to the table while remaining fairly relaxed in aesthetics. Calendulas are nice, warm-colored flowers. If you want to add some brightness to the arrangement, then opt for the yellow, or you can choose a duller apricot to be more winter-esque. Iceland Poppies or pansies are also a nice way to add color, as their red petals with black inside gives depth. Orchids come in a variety of colors and shapes, which make for great combinations. Glory of the Snow is a beautiful flower that is shaped like a ¬†star and comes in a light purple or blue. For a splash of white, Baby’s Breath is a wonderful, creative way to mimic snow. The are small and can be placed intermittently throughout the arrangement.

After the flowers, you’ll want to add festive elements. A nice, natural accent you can include is pinecones. They give off their earthy scent, and can also be decorated for a personal touch. (Just be sure to clean them off before using.) Cherry blossom branches, whether laid horizontally or placed upright in a vase, are beautiful as well.¬†

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