10 Color Option that will Give Your Room a Larger Look

A bedroom with vibrant red walls and a crisp white bed.

Sometimes, rooms appear larger than their actual size. What kind of trick is this? How is it possible? The answer is very simple, pick the right color and magic happen! Do you want to learn the tricks? If yes, go ahead and read.

Not every room in the house is built with the same dimensions; some rooms are bigger while others are small. Other than that, some rooms tend to appear even smaller than they usually do. But what is the problem? The problem is the wrong hue choice for the room! Try to search and choose a different color to help with the appearance of the room. Some examples are Light Colored Rooms, Dark Colored Rooms, Neutral Colored Rooms, and Vibrant Colored Rooms.


Paint your walls in white color – a white paint suits a room that has a source of natural light. The white color reflects the light and makes the room appear larger. Therefore, a room looks bigger when its white paint and natural light creates an illusion of a brighter and cleaner room.

A living room with a colorful rug and a white couch.

Cool Gray or Light Gray

A cool gray color is a good alternative for white paint. If you don’t prefer a star white colored room, you can paint it with cool gray or mix both colors in the room. Cool toned hues are great for giving a fresh look rather than using warm tones.

Besides that, a cool gray color helps to make the room appear bright and cozy if there is only a moderate amount of lighting available.

A cozy living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.

Pastel Pink

Go with a pastel pink – this color helps create a soft and lively feel for the room. It gives the illusion that the room has a lot of more open space than it actually is. Pastel pink is a great color choice for a room that is well lit with natural light. Specifically, this color appears even more beautiful when it’s sunset time.

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A bedroom with pink walls and a white bed.


Neutral tones are one of the constantly used styles throughout the years. An example of a neutral tone is beige. A beige colored room is also a great alternative for white. Beige is a softer warm color rather than vibrant. Because of this, the room emits a warm yet soft look. It doesn’t look too constricting but still gives an illusion of a larger space.

A living room with neutral-colored couches and a coffee table.


Back to black – is a good choice for rooms that lack natural lighting. If there is little or no amount of natural light, a black color would suit the room. This color will make the room appear grand and spacious.

A monochromatic living room with a chandelier.

Light Teal

Do you like the beach? Going for a teal colored room creates the illusion of a beach look. It is great to the mix of warm and cool feeling and therefore gives a vibe of eternal summer. It is a great choice if you’re planning to make the room look dynamic.

A living room with vibrant blue walls and pops of sunny yellow.

Straw Yellow

A straw yellow color accentuates warm colored furniture. This helps to create a warm yet spacious feel to the room. It is also a great color for a kid’s room because it is a fun color yet not that vibrant to distract the kids.

A living room with hardwood floors and a fireplace.


A sage-colored room is a mix of light moss green and gray hue. It provides a cool tone to the room and a neutral look at the same time. It is a color that suits most seasons.

A bedroom with large windows.


White but not too white – off-white is the best choice for you. This is a good choice for people who do not want to stay away from white but prefers the room to have a hint of color. It adds a warmth of color to the room without looking to warm.

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A colorful living room with a TV and a view of the city.

Peacock Blue

Lastly, a peacock blue color is also a great choice. A peacock blue is a nice way to give the room a vibrant look. This Peacock Blue does not make the room smaller for it is still a nice soft shade. If you’re aiming for a bold look, peacock blue is the way to go!

A bedroom with colorful walls and furniture.

A single color creates a huge impact on your room. Think twice or maybe thrice, before picking one. Now, are you ready to do the trick? Choose and see its magic effect!

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