Stunning Rose Gardens Around The World – Don’t Miss These!

A vibrant yellow rose garden beside an iron gate.

Stunning rose gardens are found around the world. Certainly, you won’t want to miss these ones in your travels! Rose gardens are classical and romantic. Because they offer an escape from urban life, they are popular in city garden design. Also, country dwellers love to grow rose gardens for their charm and grace.

Naturally, many of us love to garden. Also, we love to travel. Win-Win! Certainly, these rose gardens make fun travel destinations.

Europeans have cultivated stunning rose gardens for centuries. The love affair with roses is evident throughout the continent. The Mediterranean Sea creates a perfect growing environment. The photos below capture some of the Mediterranean Region’s most famous rose gardens.

A maze of hedges leading to a garden of pink roses.
Because of its manicured beauty, the Boboli Garden in Florence, Italy is a tourist magnet.
A fountain surrounded by rose gardens.
The Retiro Park houses the most famous rose garden in Madrid.
A rose garden with a gazebo.
In addition to the Eiffel Tower, the Bagatelle Rose Garden is a popular Paris destination.

When in London, check out the Queen Mary Rose Garden. Landscapers created this circular-patterned rose garden in the early 1900s. Naturally, it honors the former monarch, Queen Mary. Indeed, the combination of history and a beautiful garden impresses every visitor.

A vibrant yellow rose garden beside an iron gate.
London’s Queen Mary Rose Garden

Across the pond, Americans love their roses! Because Europeans settled America, they brought their customs to the USA. Fortunately, this included the love of rose gardens!

The capitol building in Washington, DC is surrounded by rose gardens.
The National Rose Garden in Washington, D.C. blooms in the shadow of the Capitol Building
A beautiful rose garden surrounding a gazebo.
Of course, we can’t go without mentioning Pasadena, CA.

Pasadena is the home of the Rose Bowl. Naturally, we can’t talk about American roses without a shout out!

A beautiful rose garden pathway.
Indeed, the NY Botanical Garden is a Big Apple must-see.
An archway adorned with pink roses in a rose garden.
Also, visit the Thornden Park Rose Garden in New York State.

When in New York State, check out the rose gardens! New Yorkers love drama.  These rose gardens are no exception!

A gazebo in the middle of a garden full of pink roses in a rose garden.
Melbourne, Australia’s Victoria State Rose Garden
A fountain in the middle of a rose garden.
Also, the Charles Newman Rose Garden charms Austrailian visitors.

Hats off to our Aussie friends. Of course, we didn’t forget you. Like their British forefathers, Australians love their roses!

May you find hidden gems like these rose gardens in your safe travels.

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