Celebrity Home: Taylor Swift – A Peek At Her Beverly Hills Mansion

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift at home.

Taylor Swift. Of course, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing her songs. She’s a hard-working and talented singer. Also, she’s a prolific song writer. America has a love affair with Swift.

Taylor Swift
Indeed, Taylor Swift’s CA estate covers 2 acres. (businessinsider.com)

Take a look at old Hollywood glamour in the celebrity home of Taylor Swift. Indeed, her Beverly Hills Mansion is part of Hollywood history. This is because Samuel Goldwyn, of MGM Studio fame, built this home in 1934.

Swift bought the home in September of 2015. The asking price? $39 million. However, Swift smartly purchased the estate for a cool $25 million cash.

Taylor Swift
Indeed, a grand entry awaits guests. (marketwatch.com)
Taylor Swift Home
Of course, the pool boasts a detached pool house. (coldwellbanker.com)
In addition, gardens ramble throughout the two acres. (parade.com)

The home features a fabulous exterior. Visitors arrive at a grand entrance. Indeed, it’s worthy of a palace. Of course, California homes feature pools. This pool has its own pool house, stocked with guest amenities. Also, well-manicured gardens invite Swift’s family and friends to take long walks.

Of course, a fireplace wards off chills on cool evenings. (ksdk.com)
The cool cream and tan interior is timeless. (parade.com)
Indeed, a grand staircase! (curbed.la.com)
Taylor Swift Beverly Hills
Of course, Swift hosts family. Therefore, the five guest rooms are in constant demand. (abcnews.com)
Dining in? Swift does often! (abcnews.com)
Because she’s a gracious hostess, Swift has a fully-stocked chef’s kitchen. (dailymail.com)
Without a doubt, Swift spends most of her time in her music room. (dailymail.com)

To say the least, this home is magnificent. Because she’s from a close family, Swift’s family is always welcome! The home features seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. Space for everyone!

Of course, Mr. Goldwyn had installed a movie screening room. Swift’s contribution? A music room where she can get away. This is her space for writing music.

Because of the home’s history, Swift is trying to have it deemed a historic building. Most certainly, this talented young lady is forward-thinking!


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