Johnny Depp’s Penthouse Now On Sale For $12.7 Million


Johnny Depp has put his Los Angeles penthouse on the market for $12.7 million dollars. The penthouse is made up of 5 different penthouse and together they span a space of 11,500 square feet.

Johnny Depp’s house is the stuff dreams are made of. Not just the prime location, but the house is as quirky as the versatile actor himself. His love for art, and everything luxurious and comfortable shows in each corner.

“I’m looking north down Broadway and you’ve got these beautiful historic buildings, and you’ve got mountains off in the distance, you’ve got the newer part of downtown to the west, and I like to sit here and look out and imagine that this probably is what it was like being here in the 1930s,” says Kevin Dees, the agent selling the penthouses.


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