Cristiano Ronaldo purchased a $18.5 Million Apartment In Trump Tower

Cristiano Ronaldo standing in front of a large living room.

The New York Post reports that the Portuguese soccer star just dropped a cool $18.5 million on an apartment in New York City’s Trump Tower. Before Cristiano Ronaldo purchased it, the 2,500-square-foot pad belonged to Alessandro Proto — a business partner of Donald Trump’s.

Ronaldo’s new pad also includes two separate marble bathtubs, a dining area that overlooks Central Park, and a gourmet kitchen. The gaudy apartment was designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux, who is best known for the maximalism style you see here.

Apartment gallery

A living room with ornate furniture and a view of the city, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo memorabilia.
Ronaldo’s new Trump Tower apartment on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue doesn’t look anything like a pad the stylish footballer might buy — yet
A view of central park from the top of a building.
The reason for the relatively modest apartment’s surprisingly high price is that it is an “L apartment” in Trump Tower. Read: It has uncompromising and panoramic views of Central Park.
A dining room with a view of the city and Cristiano Ronaldo.
The interior was designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux, who is well-known known for his “maximalism” style.
A kitchen with blue cabinets and hardwood floors.
The kitchen is a bit cramped, but there is space for a small breakfast nook.
A living room with a large window overlooking the city where Cristiano Ronaldo lived.
The family room is also a bit small, but the large floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of light.
A bedroom with bookshelves.
Three bedrooms occupy the 2,500-square-foot apartment.
A living room with a large window.
The smaller third bedroom would make a perfect study or home office.
A bathroom with a large mirror and sink featuring Cristiano Ronaldo's signature.
The bathrooms are well appointed, with plenty of marble and mirrors.
A bathroom with a glass shower stall and marble countertop.
Even the shower has incredible views.
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