4 Ways How To Add Some Mediterranean Flavour To Your Living Spaces


The mere sound of Mediterranean lifestyle brings to our mind a simple, relaxed and comfortable living. So many people throng to the beaches and towns along this beautiful ocean to spend their days off.

This lifestyle is all about being true to nature and living it fairly casual. All along the Southern Europe and on the North of Africa, this style dates back to the wisdom that brought us these elements.

What if we can bring little elements of this lifestyle into our own living spaces. This time you redo your house, let it ride on the winds coming from the Mediterranean sea.

1- Paint it bright white or let some color do it’s magic

White and sky blue is color of choice for most of the Mediterranean spaces. It is said these colors are borrowed from the waters and skies which this region is symbolic about. The whites and the blues not only complement each other but gives the person within a uniquely soft feel of the space.

These white walls let in most amount of sunlight during the day and when dimly lit in the night makes the walls seem softer and less imposing. This color palette is also a favorite in Moroccan style of architecture which heavily borrows from the Mediterranean style.

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White walls and sky blue furniture in this room shines in the hearty amount of sunlight washing through the openings.
This Mediterranean style living room is an inviting space for good conversations along a beautiful window framing the greens outside.
A white washed room with a bed for couples sits peacefully with hints of blue.

2- Let the textures do their thing

Mediterranean living and architecture is much about the process of construction and coming together of elements. Hence, its symbolic to use natural textures of materials used. Even when doing plaster, paint is often mixed within and stucco plaster paint is the final product. This provides a raw looking finish which has much character within. Both in paint and polishing, hand strokes of the labor and moving arches of the human hand can often been seen. This is a testament and tribute to the person who has left his mark on the space.

Stucco finish in this Greek style Mediterranean kitchen with its very own bread oven. The room is filled with textures of stone on the ground, rug lying down and the plants sitting lazily around.
This Moroccan style Mediterranean bathroom is heavily textures both visually and in tactile manner.
Stucco plaster in two different hues decorate this living room designed along the theme of Mediterranean aesthetic.

3- Play with patterns and let them be the hero in the room

A lot of Mediterranean design features use repeat patterns as an important element. These can be in form of a brick wall with accentuated grout lines, exposed wooden grains in the ceiling, wall or the floor or the way tiles are put together on the floors or the walls. Often just letting certain element be patterned does the trick. Some North African Mediterranean influences also have patterns in jalis or the mashrabiyas which are used both as a screen and as a decorative element.

The classic color scheme for Mediterranean influenced space. The accentuated patterns of the brick wall takes the most attention in this image.
A wide array of patterns being used in this room. From the stucco random wall pattern to the textures on the rug and the back wall of the bed, the stone in the fire place and the fabric on the bed.
This beautiful sitting room designed along Mediterranean style frames water and greens. Patterns seen both in the decorative screens on the wall and the wonderful carpet on the floor.

4- Bring the outside, inside.

Being close to nature is always the most important thing in any Mediterranean themed space. With lots of wind and sunshine washing these spaces, they are ideal of humans to inhabit. With ample amounts of sunlight, these spaces rarely give an unhappy out look. Wall openings of all sizes, terraces with deep overhangs and door ways which frame views are most notable in these designs.

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Arched door and windows designs in a Mediterranean style living room washing the room with sunlight and giving life to the plants.
A minimalist Mediterranean living room with a bare wood table looks over a beautiful terrace through generous wall openings.
This Mediterranean style space opens up to the patio and the greens beyond thanks to the french windows.




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