20 Rooms That Make You Say Ahhh…

Stunning interior

Sometimes you enter a home or see an interior in a magazine that just makes you stare in wonderment.  There is just something about the space that is instantly appealing.  The lighting, the design, the furnishings and accessories all come together in a way that is inspiring and just right.  You imagine walking into these rooms and finding yourself letting out a deep breath with a smile on your face.  These interiors are appealing because they are light, fresh and make you feel instantly calmer.  Here is a collection of twenty rooms that make you say ahhh…

Ahhh… moment:  Open and light-filled, soothing color palette, floating staircase.

Beautiful fresh modern interior
Beautiful fresh modern interior (sixtyfivedesign)

Ahhh… moment:  Light colors, winning furniture arrangement and soft furnishings.

Stylish interior design
Stylish interior design (wsj)

Ahhh… moment:  Clean with sleek lines, punches of soft color, cozy seating.

Cozy modern interior
Cozy modern interior (saraharchitects)

Ahhh… moment:  Open, airy, beach vibe with beautiful accent colors.

Beach-inspired interior
Beach-inspired interior (emmaremodelers)

Ahhh… moment:  Magnificent view, light-filled with cozy fireplace.

Bright and beautiful home
Bright and beautiful home (trendir)

Ahhh… moment:  Open and airy eclectic room, traditional architectural details and pops of color.

Beautiful luxury interior
Beautiful luxury interior (sothebyrealty)

Ahhh… moment:  The view!  No distraction from the view with white furnishings and soft cream accents.  Open and airy.

Light and stylish interior
Light and stylish interior (blog.roomreveal)

Ahhh… moment:  Soaring ceilings, open space and rich wood accents.

Expansive living
Expansive living (blog.roomreveal)

Ahhh… moment:  Stunning window walls, light-filled space, unique statement light fixtures and cool modern seating.

Stunning interior
Stunning interior (decoist)

Ahhh… moment:  Nicely defined spaces, comfortable seating and cozy arrangement.

Inviting modern home
Inviting modern home (home-designing)

Ahhh… moment:  Light, lines and warm wood flooring.

Appealing modern interior
Appealing modern interior (floridadesign)

Ahhh… moment:  Expansive open space with sleek modern style.

Open space design
Open space design (homartos)

Ahhh… moment:  Raftered ceiling, large windows, warm tones, unique textured wall treatment.

Warm and inviting home interior with plenty of light
Warm and inviting home interior with plenty of light (HGTV)

Ahhh… moment:  Crisp and fresh interior with soaring ceilings and amazing open plan.

Beautiful bright interior
Beautiful bright interior (fwtx)

Ahhh… moment:  Despite the height of the ceiling, this space is cozy with perfectly arranged furnishings nicely bordered with window treatments.  Plenty of natural light.

Lovely contemporary home
Lovely contemporary home (robesondesign)

Ahhh… moment:  Warm, inviting, cool grey color scheme, clutter-free.

Lovely contemporary home
Lovely contemporary home (robesondesign)

Ahhh… moment:  Circular seating area, plentiful lighting, soothing color scheme, detailed ceiling.

Fresh and inviting interior
Fresh and inviting interior (Zillow)

Ahhh… moment:  Ahhh, the beach.  Space-amplifying acrylic furniture balanced with fresh white upholstery and warm wood finishes.

Beachfront home
Beachfront home (designshuffle)

Ahhh… moment:  Spacious room that focuses on black and white fine art photography.

Cool modern interior
Cool modern interior (inspirationseek)

Ahhh… moment:  Light-filled room with open shelving, cream color palette.

Bright and fresh interior
Bright and fresh interior (1stdibs)

Awe-inspiring interior design is achieved with the perfect balance between elements.  These spaces share a harmony and balance that creates rooms that appeal to your senses and make you feel lighter and comfortable.  These rooms make you say ahhh…


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