Pantone Fall 2018 Color Preview

Fall 2018 Pantone swatches in various colors.

The Pantone fall 2018 color preview is out! You’ll see that the fall trends offer some of the luscious and rich fall hues that you expect. However, you’ll also find some unexpected jewel-tones and even a few shades you’d normally see only in the warmer months. Take a look!

Pantone Fall 2018 Color Preview


You’ll still see the 2018’s top color, Ultra-Violet, everywhere.

Meet 2018’s color of the year: Ultra-Violet | Pantone

Queztal Green

Decorators everywhere are using Queztal Green for the upcoming season.

Pantone swatches for teal and blue in the Fall 2018 collection.
Home decorators and pros alike love the depth of Queztal Green. |

Red Pear

Of course, we can’t have a fall color line-up without a rich red!

Pantone color of the year 2018.
Red Pear tops trends for fall | Marcela Mendes Interiors

Valiant Poppy

And, we have a traditional crimson shade to choose from.

Nicole fall 2018 pantone valant poppy.
Use Valiant Poppy for bold pops of color. | Niche Modern

Nebulas Blue

Indeed, blue is not traditionally a “fall color.” However, you can use it to balance out all those warm, rich fall shades.

A pantone swatch with a blue chair.
However you use it, you’ll make a bold statement when you use Nebulas Blue. | Delightfull

Crocus Petal

And, here’s another surprise. Crocus petal. Traditionally, you see lilac shades in the spring or summer. How refreshing a pick!

A chair with a purple color inspired by the Pantone Fall 2018 swatch.
Pick Crocus Petal for a soothing purple shade.|Delightfull

Russet Orange

In addition to red, orange is a classic fall favorite.

Clementine pantone rust orange for fall 2018.
Indeed, we think orange when we think of fall.|Niche Modern


Again, we have a little surprise for you!

A lamp inspired by the niche mint and pantone fall 2018 color trends.
Because of it’s soft tone, decorators are using limelight to keep their designs light and fresh.

Ceylon Yellow

Also, a bold yellow makes the cut for the Pantone fall 2018 color list.

A yellow background with a white plane flying over it, inspired by Pantone fall 2018 colors.
Yellow brightens deep russets and oranges while staying toasty warm in tone.

Martini Olive

Finally, we come to martini olive. Use this deep-toned neutral instead of gray this fall.

Pantone fall 2018 swatches for a living room and a bedroom.
Enjoy a martini every day with Pantone martini olive. |Delightfull

Decorate with these colors for Fall 2018 to keep on trend. How do you plan to use these colors? Please share in the comments, we’d love to hear!

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