6 Exciting Ways to Use Pantone’s Ultra Violet In Your Kitchen


Here are 6 exciting ways to use Pantone’s Ultra Violet in your kitchen. If you haven’t heard, Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. It’s a saturated violet shade that evokes a feeling of creativity and drama.

We’re no stranger to purple here at Livinator. In fact, I predicted this color would be a trend in my February, 2017 article Purple Reign: Create The Ultimate Luxury of a Purple Bedroom.

Ultra Violet is a big commitment. People tend to love purple or hate it. If you do happen to be someplace in the middle, don’t rush out and paint your entire kitchen! Instead, focus on the small updates that will keep you on trend for less long-term.

On the other hand, if you love purple, this is your year! You are officially granted permission to paint your home in your favorite hue without fear of backlash from people who don’t share your passion for purple.

Now that this color is officially a trend, let’s look those 6 ways to use Ultra Violet in the kitchen.


Use pendant lights or chandeliers to light your kitchen.

In fact, pendant lights are a short-term commitment to this color! | Photo: Pinterest
Pantone's Ultra Violet
Or, go for the drama of a chandelier in Ultra Violet | jewishjournal.com


Of course, an Ultra Violet backsplash creates a splash! | Photo: katelotile.com
Pantone Ultraviolet
Of course, installing wall tile is a more permanent commitment.


Perhaps the smallest investment that you can make and still keep on trend is in small kitchen tools.

The 3 Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen Safe
Stylish Ultra Violet kitchen tools are on point. | foodandwine.com
pantone's 2018 color of the year
Of course, every cook needs a great knife set. Why not go for dramatic style? | cookinglight.com


Indeed, KitchenAid has already added this color to their lineup! | cookinglight.com
pantone ultra violet
And an espresso machine is made extra special by this color. | Pinterest


Pantone's Ultra Violet
Cabinetry looks slick and rich in Ultra Violet | archi-living.com
A kitchen island is a focal point in this super shade. | interior-designing.net


Finally, investing in fine cookware is always a great idea.

Pantone's Ultra Violet
Purchase an Ultra Violet dutch oven that you’ll get years of use from. | cookinglight.com
Or, purchase a less expensive T-Fal set for shorter-term use. | jewishjournal.com

Regardless of how you use Ultra Violet, you will see a huge impact from the use of Pantone’s Ultra Violet.


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