Kitchen Remodel Trends That Are Hot Right Now

A modern kitchen remodel with gray cabinets and black appliances.

Savvy homeowners know the kitchen remodel trends that are hot right now.  Included trends are fresh colors, updated appliances, islands, and technology stations.

Homeowners consider the kitchen the heart of the home. In fact, some of us spend the bulk of our time in the kitchen. We prepare meals for family time. Also, the children do their homework under our watchful eyes. Friends gather to keep us company as we pour the wine.

A kitchen remodel with modern white counter tops and stools.
Grey & white softens the look of this industrial inspired kitchen.
A kitchen remodel with white cabinets and granite counter tops.
Also, white cabinets show well against grey tile walls.

The hottest color trend is neutral white and grey. Because white cabinets pop against grey walls we love this. These colors provide a soothing palette. Despite being very current, this is also a classic color scheme.

Therefore, you can choose these colors with confidence. This color combo is here to stay!

If white is not your cup of tea, don’t worry! Black cabinetry remains wildly popular. In fact, decorators choose black cabinets to fill large spaces. Black cabinets add warmth and beauty. Also, they are an impressive sight to behold.

Kitchen remodel with black cabinets and a center island.
In contrast to white cabinets, black cabinetry fills the space impressively.

In addition to the clean neutral palette trend, homeowners are opening up the floor plan. By removing the kitchen table, homeowners are enlarging their space. Instead of a traditional kitchen table, most kitchen remodel jobs include an island with seating.  This adds valuable storage space. In addition, cooks have more food prep space.

Also, homeowners have decided to keep the only table in the dining room. This opens up a ton of space in the kitchen! Also, this design creates a central gathering place in the kitchen. Of course, this is the perfect place to make new family memories.

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A white kitchen with a center island and bar stools, perfect for a kitchen remodel.
White Kitchen Island
A kitchen remodel with bar stools and hardwood floors.
Indeed, the kitchen table is replaced by the island.


A kitchen remodel with white cabinets and hardwood floors.
Indeed, a kitchen desk is a modern convenience!
A kitchen drawer with a phone plugged into it.
Also, the drawers hide the cords.

Perhaps the newest trend is the kitchen technology station. Indeed, we are tied to our electronics. Therefore,homeowners design their new kitchens with this in mind. This trend reflects the latest in technology.

Today’s kitchens include a desk with built ins to hide cords. In addition to electrical outlets, many kitchens boast usb ports.  In fact, it makes me wonder. How I have done without this?

Next, let’s talk about appliances.  Undoubtedly, appliances are of utmost importance. We need appliances that work well. After all, they are the workhorse of every kitchen. To be certain, a bulk of your kitchen remodel budget is spent on appliances.

However, we also need appliances to be beautiful. They must blend with the decor. Also, we insist on ease of cleaning.  Sounds like we are asking a lot!

Great news! Because today’s homeowners have these expectations, appliance manufacturers are meeting these demands.

Trend alert.  I have three words for you. Black stainless steel. Manufacturers re-designed appliances and improved upon stainless steel.  Black stainless steel appliances now outsell the traditional stainless of years past.

Black stainless steel is easy to clean. In fact, it’s almost carefree.  Gone are the days of streaks after wiping down your stainless. Indeed, fingerprints hardly even show on this new breed of appliance.

The new black stainless steel has an almost matte finish. This finish appears rich and luxurious.

Homeowners are choosing black stainless steel over all other types of appliance on the market today. Because of its beauty and ease of care, black stainless steel will trend for the foreseeable future.

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A kitchen remodel with black appliances and gray cabinets.
LG Black Stainless Steel
A kitchen remodel with black appliances.
KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel

Plan your kitchen remodel with confidence. These new trends are simply twists on classic colors with updated appliances. Your investment is well spent.


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  1. The part of your article that discussed all the different kinds of electronic upgrades you can make to a kitchen was really impressive to read. As someone who lives in a family where most of us enjoy home-cooking, I feel like these upgrades would benefit us greatly. With that said, once I find a remodeling contractor in the area, I’ll make sure they help us do a house makeover and have our kitchen wired to accommodate these appliances.

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